Families play, share and learn at Heights Parent Center

Sleep is a precious commodity!

Tucked away in Taylor School is a great resource for families with young children ages 0 - 5! Heights Parent Center is an education, resource and support center for parents, caregivers and young children. In our comfortable and welcoming playroom children and parents can play and talk together, share experiences and resources, and find new friends.

Parenting is a tough job; it’s a lot easier when you have support from others! By supporting the wellness of the family unit, family support programs strengthen the community.

HPC offers play and learn sessions and parenting classes at Taylor. In addition, there is a great family literacy playroom and Toy Lending Library at the CH-UH Main Library.

Join us! More than 500 families take advantage of the many low-cost and free programs each year. Our programs:

Develop assets- all families have strengths and they build on those strengths when they participate in HPC programs.

Are open to all -everyone is challenged by raising children and can use support to help them grow to their fullest potential. No parent has to have a deficit or be in crisis to participate in family support programming.

Provide resources - families share with and learn from other families, observe how staff and other parents interact with their children, borrow books from our parenting resource library, and find information about community resources.

Reduce stress - Parents attending family support programs develop an enhanced community support system that reduces their isolation, provides new ideas and strategies and gives them a safe and engaging place to interact with their children. No parent has to feel alone with the pressures of childrearing.

Enhance skills and confidence -Interacting with other parents, talking with staff, attending parenting discussion groups, participating in support groups, and using the parenting resource library all provide ways to learn new skills about raising children. Parents also gain confidence in their own abilities to decide what is best for their family.

Invest in the future - HPC programs prevent problems by offering resources, connections and support before a crisis arises.

HPC's mission is to support and promote the healthy development of families and children in the belief that strong families build strong communities. Find out about our programs and family fun activities at www.heightsparentcenter.org

Louisa Oliver is executive director of Heights Parent Center and a longtime resident of Cleveland Heights.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 1:53 PM, 05.22.2008