Bodega brings a touch of class to Coventry


Bodega, the newest wine and tapas bar on Coventry, celebrated its grand opening on May 21. Wine glasses were filled, martinis were mixed to perfection, and beer bottles were opened, as the place buzzed with curious guests.

Bodega originates from the Spanish word meaning “wine bar or wine storage.” The bar serves several Spanish wines and tapas, which is the Spanish word for small meal or appetizer. The name for the bar then, Bodega, gives an exotic feel and represents some of the menu selections, according to General Manager Danielle Ruppert.

Owner Said Ouaddaadaa, already the successful owner of Uptowne Grille for 14 years, wanted to offer guests a unique wine bar with offerings for everyone. Ouaddaadaa chose to open his bar in the Heights because of the diverse population. There is no other bar like Bodega in the area, and its versatile menu of beers, wines, martinis and tapas offers something for everyone.

The menu pages are filled with 190 wines selected by Ouaddaadaa, 50 beers, and 185 distinctive martinis. There are a variety of candy themed martinis, such as Snickertini, Milky Way, and Tootsie Roll, dessert martinis like Chocolate Raspberry, tropical, citrus, and melon flavored martinis, and martinis with catchy names like Dirty GRRRRrl Scout and Fancy Pants. With prices ranging from $8-$12, there is sure to be a yummy beverage to please everyone’s palette.

To accompany the extensive beverage lists is a menu of tantalizing tapas, salads and soups ranging from $4-$14. The cold tapas include ethnic selections like Zaalouka, Dolmades, and Proscuitto Di Parma. The hot tapas menu is just as appealing with offerings including Mussels Au Saffron and Chakchouka Bruschetta. Bodega also has a selection of vegetarian options such as Caprese, a salad of fresh mozzarella and ripe roma tomatoes.

The atmosphere is relaxing and the décor is contemporary and exotic. A waterfall stretches from the top of the 20-foot ceilings down to the floor. Owner Ouaddaadaa hoped to create a variety of textures, environments, and experiences for his guests, and the waterfall is certainly a bold design move.

The place is furnished with cream-colored leather furniture and tiger print bar stools. Bodega also offers a VIP room for private parties. The private room is separated from the rest of the bar with sheer, white curtains.

Along the bar sit 13 fish bowls containing beta fish, Siamese fighting fish that are a variety of colors with long, flowing tails. The long bar seats over 80 people and all the bartenders are local residents.

The modern design and feel of the wine bar and its extensive beverage menu fits the upbeat tempo of the neighborhood and is an excellent addition to an already popular area.

Hailee Dorflinger is a junior at John Carroll University. She has a double major in English and Communications. Her goal is to become a journalist.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 12:16 PM, 05.22.2008