FutureHeights presents the Heights Observer

Stop by your local merchant and pick up a copy of the inaugural edition of the Heights Observer, a project of FutureHeights.

FutureHeights' stakeholders encouraged us to continue to innovate and to find new ways to promote community involvement, public expression, and communication. Study of the increasingly popular concept of “hyperlocal journalism” - and a timely encounter with the publishers of The Lakewood Observer - convinced us that our communities need this new voice, the Heights Observer.

Note the phrase “our communities”. Our masthead says “Heights Observer: News and Views from Cleveland Heights and University Heights”. While FutureHeights will continue to focus on Cleveland Heights, the Heights Observer is dedicated to serving both University Heights and Cleveland Heights – including our shared schools, library system, neighborhoods, friends, students, and unique local businesses. With this project, we embrace both Heights communities, celebrating commonalities which transcend the dotted line marking the political boundary.

The Heights Observer will provide a voice for you and all of our neighbors. This is the place to share information, ideas, questions, and opinions. The Heights Observer will succeed and grow only if you participate. We encourage you to read and discuss the articles. Talk with your family, friends and neighbors about it. We encourage you to sign up as writers, editors, or photographers. We also need the support of local businesses who can reach their local market directly through this publication. Please see the article on page _____ for more information.

We hope that you like the print version of the Heights Observer. For those who are digitally-inclined, please also see the web-based version at http://www.heightsobserver.org. Continued development of this website will provide many features and services for our local governments, public and private schools, business community, local organizations, and worship communities. Current features include the Heights Observer Deck, an on line forum for local discussions; a Community Events Calendar where you can submit your own events to the site; and a Photo Gallery.

Welcome to the Heights Observer!

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Volume 1, Issue 1, Posted 12:47 PM, 04.11.2008