PhotoBlogs by Deanna Bremer Fisher

Press Club Award (1 Photos)
Heights Music Hop 2017 (12 Photos)

A first look at some of the photos from FutureHeights' 2017 Heights Music Hop.

2015 Cedar Lee Candy Crawl (117 Photos)

Photos by Gabe Schaffer

Heights Music Hop 2015 (45 Photos)

Photos by Gabe Schaffer.

June Heights Observer (8 Photos)

Photos from stories for Facebook and other social media

FutureHeights 2015 Annual Meeting (28 Photos)
Photos of the FutureHeights 2015 Annual Meeting on April 21 with keynote speaker Bill Traynor of Trusted Space Partners.
Plant A Seed Pop-Up Dinner (11 Photos)

On March 12, #WeAreClevHts organized a pop-up dinner, featuring Cleveland Heights businesses, at the historic Alcazar.

Heights Music Hop 2013 (58 Photos)
All photos taken by Robert Muller of Muller Arts. Used with permission.
FutureHeights 2013 Annual Meeting (15 Photos)
Photos of the 2013 FutureHeights Annual Meeting and Heights Observer 5th Anniversary Bash, held on April 18, 2013.
Roxboro Walk Bike to School (43 Photos)

Roxboro Elementary school participated in International Walk or Bike to School Day on Oct. 3.

Neighborhood Leadership Training (10 Photos)
Photos taken from the Neighborhood Leadership Training held Saturday, April 28, at Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian.
Best of the Heights Awards 2011 (41 Photos)
Photos from the awards ceremony, which was held Oct. 4 at Rockefeller's Restaurant. All photos by MotoPhoto at Cedar Center.
4th of July at Canterbury (3 Photos)
The annual 4th of July Parade at from Kingston Road to Canterbury School.
Parade the Circle 2010 (5 Photos)
Parade the Circle 2010
UH Memorial Day Parade 2009 (4 Photos)
Photos by Deanna Bremer Fisher and Hugh Williams
Lake View Cemetery Memorial Day 2009 (4 Photos)
Photos by Ronald Werman
University Heights Memorial Day Parade (10 Photos)
Over 2,500 people attended the University Heights Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 26, 2008. Photos submitted by Hugh Williams.
FutureHeights Annual Meeting (19 Photos)
FutureHeights unveiled the print edition of the Heights Observer at its annual meeting on Thursday, April 10, 2008 at the Heights Rockefeller Building. Media analyst Lauren Rich Fine spoke on Tomorrow's Paper: Hyperlocal. Thanks to the Heights Rockefeller Building and Phoenix Coffee for sponsoring the reception. Photos by Hugh Fisher and Jane Flaherty.
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