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Press Club Award (1 Photos)
Heights Music Hop 2017 (12 Photos)

A first look at some of the photos from FutureHeights' 2017 Heights Music Hop.

2015 Cedar Lee Candy Crawl (117 Photos)

Photos by Gabe Schaffer

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Pictures of the Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse (4 Photos)

A number of people gathered at the Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Park on Monday to view the solar eclipse.

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PhotoBlogs by Nathan Merritt

Candy Crawl 2016 (58 Photos)

Pictures from this year's Candy Crawl on Lee Road on October 21,2016

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PhotoBlogs by Anna Beyerle

Beaumont School Service Day (6 Photos)

Beaumont School students and faculty participated in a day of service with 21 projects on and off Beaumont’s campus during the school’s fifth annual All School Service Day on Wednesday, September 23. This yearly event offers an opportunity for Beaumont to demonstrate the school’s mission of life, leadership and service to the community.

Beaumont School hosts grand opening for $9.5 million building investment (9 Photos)
Beaumont School hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new building addition on Monday, January 5. The school broke ground on the $9.5 million investment in September 2013. The addition is an extension of the original school building on North Park Boulevard, and is 25,000 square feet and two stories. The LEED certified building includes a new school main entrance, administrative offices, a student commons, guidance offices and classroom, and eight STEM classrooms connected by four lab prep rooms.
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PhotoBlogs by Lita Gonzalez

Summer Blast Off Picnic (40 Photos)
On June 6 Elementary and Middle School families from across the district came together to share a picnic, play games, do crafts, kick off summer reading, meet new friends and listen to the great music of Blue Lunch. The event was sponsored by CH-UH PTA Council, Heights Parent Center, Heights Library and Reaching Heights. At the Reaching Heights/PATH table attendees got a chance to get their pictures taken with President Obama's stand-in.
Dedication of the Police Officer Memorial on June 1 (12 Photos)
On June 1, 2008 the City of Cleveland Heights dedicated the memorial to the 3 police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. The polished black memorial in the shape of a shield is inscribed with their names.
University Heights Memorial Day Parade (44 Photos)
Pictures of the 2008 Memorial Day Parade in University Heights
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PhotoBlogs by Hugh Williams

Gearity Science Fair Highlights in University Heights (18 Photos)
On May 21, students at the Gearity Elementary School in University Heights displayed their Science Projects for viewing by the community. Here are some highlights and samples of the great work of the students.
Gearity Learning Gardens in University Heights (20 Photos)
A photo tour of the May 2 Gearity Learning Gardens ground breaking day.
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PhotoBlogs by David Wasserstrom

Magnolia Clubhouse "The Soloist" Screening Benefit (5 Photos)
Magnolia Clubhouse, a University Circle-based center of psychosocial rehabilitation where people who experience mental illness are needed and belong, recently hosted a benefit screening of the new major motion picture The Soloist on April 28 at the Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland Heights. The one-night-only screening was sold out -- nearly 300 people attended, and proceeds are being used to support the Clubhouse’s vital ongoing work.
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PhotoBlogs by A. Kazarian

Inauguration (18 Photos)
Photos of the January 20, 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama
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PhotoBlogs by Jay Levan

Tom Sperl's Donut Party (10 Photos)
Tom Sperl's Donut Party from October 2008

View more photos from the day at http://phodoz.com/donuts
An Evening on Lee (5 Photos)
One October evening on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights. More evenings to come.
Joy of Text Opening Reception and Abecedarium (24 Photos)

Friday October 24, 2008 6-9pm at Heights Arts Studio at the library: 6-9pm Joy of Text Opening Reception Abecedarium Alphabets by members of ABC, Art Books Cleveland

Take Nine Poets: Bonnie Jacobson, Katie Daely, Gail Bellamy, Cindy Washabaugh, Darlene Montonaro, Kathleen Cerveny, Linda Robiner, Rita Grabowski, Meredith Holmes.

More photos of this and other Heights events at phot01.com


Haiku Death Match at Heights Arts (15 Photos)

Saturday, October 25 • Haiku Death Match photos by Jay Levan - more photos posted at phot01.com/haiku

Ride for Miles (15 Photos)
The Ride for Miles, a memorial bike ride to honor the life and work of Miles Coburn, was held on Sept. 20, 2008.

Coburn, a biology professor at JCU and Cleveland Heights resident, died Aug. 16 after being hit by an SUV while riding his bicycle in Newbury Township.

His family and friends organized the ride.
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PhotoBlogs by Greg Donley

Election Day 2008 (3 Photos)
Photos from November 4, 2008
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PhotoBlogs by Peggy Spaeth

Heights Young Artists Exhibition (10 Photos)
These self-portraits from Heights High are on view through May 17 at Heights Arts Studio, 2340 Lee Road as part of the 8th Annual Heights Arts-Heights PTA Young Artists' Exhibition with more than 350 pieces of art selected by the art teachers. Hours are Saturday-Wednesday 1-5. Call 216.371.3457 for more information.
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PhotoBlogs by Hugh Fisher

Easter Egg Hunt (5 Photos)
On Saturday, March 15 the Spring Egg Hunt was held at the CH Rec Center. Here are a few pictures from the event!
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