University Heights

University Heights City Council meeting highlights [12-6-10]

DECEMBER 6, 2010

  • Resident suggests health care savings and art exhibit
  • Sun Press article creates good financial news
  • Cuyahoga County Board of Health services
  • Ashurst Community Garden fund
  • Building permit fees
  • Recycling services
  • Funds for fire truck generator
  • Police pension fund
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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 10:10 AM, 12.14.2010

Choices, judgments and $2.5 million

University Heights has uncovered nearly $2.5 million dollars in financial "irregularities" starting in 2008. This is not the final total. The city may still face additional charges until all payment agreements are finalized. These irregularities, mismanagement and negligence amount to more than $240 for each registered voter in University Heights.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 12:22 PM, 12.17.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights [11-15-10]

NOVEMBER 15, 2010

  • Sewer and water rate increase
  • Senior services
  • City in arrears
  • Results of “garbage study”
  • Traffic calming for Vernon and Lansdale
  • Tax Incentive Review Council
  • Quiznos returns to Cedar Center
  • Traffic study for proposed McDonalds
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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 4:49 PM, 12.01.2010

Tyndall Road upholds 32-year tradition

Residents of Tyndall Road in University Heights have been gathering together to celebrate their holidays in mid-December for about 32 years. It is a tradition kept alive by always including the newest neighbors on the street.

This year was special. The newest neighbors own only the land, so far. Their home will be the newest house in University Heights when construction begins this spring.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 5:43 PM, 12.14.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights 11-1-10

NOVEMBER 1, 2010

  • Disrespectful behavior at a council meeting
  • Guest speakers
  • Senior transportation
  • New Year’s Day observance
  • Depreciable asset threshold
  • Flood control ordinance
  • Fund transfers
  • Code updates for ORC sections
  • Unused sick time
  • Bellefaire building demolition
  • High school games at JCU
  • Reimbursement from Cleveland Water
  • GAAP
  • Acting service director
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Volume 3, Issue 12, Posted 1:11 PM, 11.12.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights 10-18-10

OCTOBER 18, 2010

  • Civilian Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Leaf pickup
  • TIF Accounting error
  • Clear Wireless LLC
  • Legal observance of New Year’s Day
  • New flood insurance maps
  • Moratorium on sweepstakes terminal cafes
  • Cuyahoga County Municipal Energy Program
  • Cleveland First-Suburbs Development Council
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Volume 3, Issue 12, Posted 5:25 PM, 11.10.2010

Free classes for CERT volunteers

New volunteers signed up for the University Heights Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) at the Nov. 3 meeting in University Heights City Hall. Mayor Susan Infeld expressed her appreciation to the current CERT volunteers and new members for the support they give to their city.

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Volume 3, Issue 12, Posted 2:10 PM, 11.16.2010

Too many COWs and not enough minutes?

Am I the only one, or have you also seen a large increase in the number of COWs in University Heights? More than 20 have been spotted so far this year. No, these are not the barnyard variety. These are a certain kind of legislative meeting. COW is the acronym used by city council on its e-mail notices to refer to Committee-of-the-Whole meetings.

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Volume 3, Issue 12, Posted 1:53 PM, 11.16.2010

UH CERT accepting new volunteers

The University Heights Civilian Emergency Response Team (CERT) was among the first in Cuyahoga County to organize, following the events of September 11, 2001. FEMA created a uniform nationwide emergency response structure intended to respond to natural or manmade disasters. 

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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 8:33 AM, 10.25.2010

Taking University Heights for granted

For 28 years I took you for granted. I never gave a thought to any of your city services. The only time I went to city hall was to pay for a special pick-up. Career, interests and far-flung family was my focus. The frequent flyer miles just kept adding up. I knew more about the layout of Hopkins Airport than the streets of University Heights.

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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 2:00 PM, 10.25.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights 10-4-10

OCTOBER 4, 2010

  • Cuyahoga County council candidates forum
  • International Walk to School Day
  • Budget line items
  • Tax incentive review council
  • Cuyahoga County Municipal Energy Program
  • City receives an award
  • Snow-removal vehicles
  • Seniors program
  • Website contractors and permits listings
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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 10:02 AM, 10.18.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights 9-20-10

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

  • County council district 11 forum
  • Rain garden on Ashurst Road
  • City must repay county auditor
  • Workmen’s compensation coverage lapses
  • South Euclid Community Center rentals
  • Hazardous waste
  • Purvis Park pool
  • KFC and Hollywood Video
  • Waterline replacement
  • McDonalds’ restaurant

All council members were present.

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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 9:34 AM, 10.18.2010

Bears were the least of my problems

Donna, the camper across the way, was curious. She came over and invited us to join her clan for dinner when, at dinnertime, she saw that I was still trying to start my campfire. In fact, I had just started burning my little twigs, but all the wood was damp from earlier rains and I had not brought lighter fluid, as Donna had. She saw my effort and said "That will never start! You don't have enough wood on it." She then proceeded to take the pieces of bark I had segregated and dump them on my twigs, completely killing off my little fire. Thanks Donna.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 11:31 PM, 09.26.2010

University Heights City Council Meeting highlights


  • Condition of vacant homes
  • Transitional use permit question
  • Rain garden on Ashurst
  • JCU’s request for administrative space
  • Nuisance assessment
  • 2008 payment not made
  • Ash borer infestation
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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 11:55 AM, 09.21.2010

University Heights City Beautiful Commission winners

The annual City Beautiful Commission awards ceremony will be held in University Heights City Hall, Council Chambers on Tuesday, Oct. 12, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. A total of 24 homes were selected by the commission this year for recognition in the 2010 Beautiful Home Awards.

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 9:15 PM, 09.18.2010

Free smoke detectors for UH residents

Each year, nearly 3,000 people in the United States die in home fires. Over half of these deaths occurred in homes with no, or nonworking, smoke alarms. These are the grim statistics from the National Fire Protection Association.

Do you have a smoke detector in your home? Is it in good working condition?

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Volume 3, Issue 10, Posted 7:05 AM, 09.20.2010

Will UH senior adults be shortchanged?

If senior adult residents of University Heights want to keep the services they have come to expect from our city, they need to pay attention to what some councilmen are saying. 

On July 26, several members of council proposed to create the new position of economic development director. The position would add up to $80,000 plus benefits to the city's payroll each year, taking a significant bite out of the city's tax revenues.

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Volume 3, Issue 9, Posted 2:49 PM, 08.19.2010

Heights bowling in University Square

When I moved to University Heights 29 years ago, the bowling alley at Cedar Center was where we spent time with friends and relatives, met new people and had a lot of fun.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 5:36 PM, 07.20.2010

Citizens opposed to McDonald’s meet

Everyone agrees, the neglected and rundown commercial space on Warrensville Center Road needs to be spruced up, rented or replaced. But neighbors are not pleased with McDonald’s moving in.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 1:58 PM, 06.21.2010

McDonald's passes three of four hurdles

Everyone agrees, the neglected and rundown business space on Warrensville Center Road needs to be replaced. But some neighbors are not pleased with McDonald’s moving in.

On July 1, University Heights Planning Commission recommended to City Council to approve the McDonald’s project. Citizens Opposed to McDonald’s met on June 15 to discuss their rights as property owners in the neighborhood around the proposed site and attended the July 1 meeting.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 12:50 PM, 07.05.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights for June 7

JUNE 7, 2010

  • Senior services coordinator
  • Ashurst Road vacant lot
  • City Beautiful Commission
  • McDonald’s restaurant
  • ROTC office for John Carroll University
  • City Hall hours
  • John Carroll University green initiatives
  • City Hall roof repair
  • Four-wheel utility vehicle bid
  • Yard nuisance abatement
  • County land bank
  • Intercity police services
  • New fire pumper truck
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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 4:01 PM, 06.24.2010

University Heights City Council Meeting highlights for May 17

May 17, 2010

  • Green space on Ashurst Road
  • Opposition to opening of McDonald’s
  • Certificates of recognition
  • Gesu Church and Parish Center
  • Ken Fisher hired
  • Resurfacing of Belvoir Blvd.
  • Flushing of fire hydrants

Council member Susan Pardee was excused.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:37 PM, 06.21.2010

University Heights zoning study gathers dust

It may be time for council to authorize a comprehensive zoning study in this, the most densely populated city in the area.

Since its inception, the University Heights zoning code is a patchwork in progress. Patchworks are just that, a mix of odds and ends with no consistency, cohesiveness or strength because so many stitches are needed to hold it together. That may be fine for a blanket, but not for our city.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 7:55 AM, 06.24.2010

Democrat Phil Robinson runs for County Council in District 11 Campaign focuses on economic development and government efficiency

University Heights resident and Democrat, Phil Robinson, is running for the Cuyahoga County Council seat in District 11. The district includes Beachwood, Euclid, Lyndhurst, Richmond Heights, South Euclid and University Heights. The primary election is Sept. 7.

“For our region to continue growing, we need a government that can operate in the 21st century,” said Robinson. “My experiences working in the public, private and nonprofit sectors give me a unique perspective on how to modernize our government to meet the challenges of the future.”

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 11:27 AM, 06.11.2010

Leading indicator in UH shows rebound

Homeowners' increasing investment in repairs and remodeling is considered a leading indicator, one that predicts the future, of an improving economy. By any measure, University Heights homeowners are investing in their homes.

On June 21, Building Commissioner David Menn reported a 20 percent increase in permit applications as compared to the same period in 2009. Menn also reported a 100 percent increase in contractor registrations for the same period.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 10:14 AM, 06.22.2010

Nominations open in UH for 2010 Beautiful Home Awards

Don’t wait! The City of Beautiful Homes is seeking nominations for its 2010 awards. Do you or a neighbor have a beautiful garden, back yard or home you are proud of? Don’t keep it a secret, share it with us. Nominate your own or a neighbor’s property for one or more of the 2010 Beautiful Home awards.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 12:52 PM, 06.21.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights

APRIL 19, 2010
  • Delay in garbage truck repair
  • Boarded-up home on Jackson Road
  • Partnership with John Carroll University
  • Commendation for Robert Perko III
  • New smoke detectors
  • AAA Flexible Pipe Company awarded bid
  • 2010 emergency sewer repairs
  • Tree Side Landscaping Company
  • Vehicle for refuse collection
  • Overpayments for Cleveland water
  • Arbor Day tree planting
  • Relay for Life
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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 11:31 AM, 05.05.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights

MAY 3, 2010

McDonald’s on Warrensville Center Road

Saybrook rain garden

Ashurst road meeting

2010 yard nuisance abatement program

Waterline replacement

Flushing of hydrants

Registration of vacant and foreclosed homes

Councilman Steven Bullock was absent.

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 1:41 PM, 05.17.2010

Does UH Need a Capital Budget Plan?

“Do not wait until you are thirsty to dig a well,” says an old Chinese proverb. This proverb assumes thirst is a human condition, water comes from wells, and digging wells is hard work. Not work you want or can do when it is too late. In other words, plan for the future. 

What is the plan for University Heights 5, 10 or 15 years from now? We know we will have to replace garbage and fire trucks, repave streets and repair water lines. Do we have a plan? Have we decided the priorities? Do we know how this plan for the future will be financed over the next 5, 10 or 15 years? 

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 1:44 PM, 05.18.2010

Memorial Day Parade to remember those who serve

“University Heights is going to have the biggest and best Memorial Day parade ever this year,” promises Mayor Susan Infeld. 

The committee met on April 13 and announced this year’s theme—Remembering Those Who Serve. “It honors those in the military, and also our safety forces and volunteers who serve the community,” said Parade Committee Chairperson Eileen Smotzer.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 12:59 PM, 04.23.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights

MARCH 15, 2010

·    “Sensible salting

·    Tree planting

·    Otis Paul Drayton, Jr

·    2010 budget

·    Pumper truck

MARCH 23, 2010

·    Special meeting for 2010 budget approval, council discussion

·    Director of finance compensation

APRIL 5, 2010

·    Finance Director Jennifer Esarey

·    Recycling processing services

·    Third Frontier Program resolution

·    Pay scale for recreation personnel

·    Packer box rubbish truck

·    Smoke detectors for residents

·    City newsletter production savings

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 5:02 PM, 04.21.2010

GESU basketball team honored

University Heights City Council passed a resolution honoring the boys GESU basketball team. The team is pictured here with Mayor Susan Infeld.
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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 3:47 PM, 04.27.2010

Reluctant departure from UH

A school has been located at 2301 Fenwick Road for as long as anyone can remember. Many attended Northwood Elementary School. When its doors closed, Fuchs Mizrachi School opened.

This summer, Fuchs Mizrachi is moving to Beachwood. Rabbi Pinchos Hecht, head of school, gave this interview on April 19. 

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 6:40 PM, 04.22.2010

City Beautiful Commission plans for UH

University Heights residents with an eye for beauty find the perfect opportunity to volunteer in City Beautiful Commission projects. The commission held its first meeting on April 20 at City Hall. 

Commission Chair, Steven D. Bennett had a full agenda for the resident volunteers. A new activity for the commission will be to work with the Service Department to advise and plant flowers in strategic public locations in University Heights. 

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 5:18 PM, 04.21.2010

University Heights City Council meeting highlights

MARCH 15, 2010

All council members present.

Salting concerns

Resident Deborah Newman asked council to continue clearing sidewalks rather than increase the salting of streets, as another resident, Harvey Morrison of White Road, had proposed at the previous meeting. She was concerned for the public’s safety as they use the sidewalks throughout the winter.

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Volume 3, Issue 5, Posted 12:54 PM, 04.19.2010

Concerned Citizens formalize group

Concerned Citizens of University Heights met on March 11 at the CH-UH Library on Cedar Road to adopt a mission statement. The grassroots group took off when city council approved placing a charter amendment on last November’s ballot to change the city government from a mayoral to a city administrator form.
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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 8:55 AM, 03.23.2010

University Heights City Council Meeting highlights

Wiley Challenge Choir

In recognition of Black History Month, the Wiley Challenge Choir, under the direction of Glenn Brakens, sang. Representative Marcia Fudge has invited the choir to sing in Washington D.C. To do so, the choir will hold various fundraising activities in the near future.

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 10:33 AM, 03.17.2010

How UH handles the 'yours' and 'ours'

What price is the nation paying for government? According to the nonprofit Tax Foundation, Ohio is about midway between the most expensive states (#1 Connecticut and #2 New Jersey) and the least expensive states (#49 Louisiana and #50 Alaska). Based on government data, the foundation reports “Americans will pay more in taxes than they will spend on food, clothing and housing combined.”
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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 12:53 PM, 03.21.2010

University Heights City Council – meeting highlights


All council members were present.

Appointment of Nancy E. English

Due to illness, Nancy E. English was unable to attend last week’s meeting where council members were sworn in. Council voted to reappoint English as clerk of council and she was sworn in.

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Volume 3, Issue 3, Posted 12:28 PM, 02.12.2010

Study encourages UH to outsource

Where is city council taking our town, UH residents wondered after sitting in a packed council chamber to watch a 47-slide presentation by the Northeast Ohio Sourcing Office on Jan. 19. The slide show recommended that the city privatize, outsource or collaborate with other cities for most of the services it provides, including fire department, garbage pick-up, snow/leaf removal, housing inspection and many others.

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Volume 3, Issue 3, Posted 12:09 PM, 03.03.2010

University Heights Exceptions Analysis meeting is canceled

The University Heights Council Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 4 at 7p.m. to discuss the Exceptions Analysis prepared by the Northeast Ohio Sourcing Office has been cancelled. A new date will be set next week.

The Exceptions Analysis made recommendations about how the city could save money by outsourcing services and collaborating more with other municipalities.

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 3:34 PM, 02.04.2010

University Heights considers outsourcing, follow up meeting on Feb. 4

University Heights residents packed city council chambers on Jan. 19 to hear how the city could save money by outsourcing services and collaborating more with other municipalities.

The recommendations for outsourcing were extensive: fire & rescue, garbage pickup, snow removal, leaf pickup, street salting, payroll, housing inspection, jail facilities, police investigations, human resources, information technology, training-planning-management and purchasing.

These recommendations were part of a $25,000 study, which the city contracted for last January with David Akers, founder of Northeast Ohio Sourcing Office. Ebie Holst, a principal of Strategic Gear, partnered with Akers to conduct the study.

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 7:19 AM, 01.21.2010

University Heights City Council–meeting highlights

Mayor Rothschild’s final meeting

Mayor Rothschild reminisced about her 32 years as mayor of University Heights. She urged the incoming mayor and council to address issues that are still undone and for John Carroll University to see itself as part of the larger community.

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 12:56 PM, 01.19.2010

Council’s plans for University Heights

Last November, University Heights residents, in large numbers, became actively engaged in the political process during a heated mayoral race and in reaction to proposed changes to the city charter. Residents elected the first new mayor in 32 years and voted "no" on ballot issues that would have made a city administer the CEO of the city.

Last month we asked Mayor Infeld about her plans for the city. This month we talked with members of City Council about their plans for University Heights.
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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 7:40 AM, 01.21.2010

$400 billion in federal funds at stake

You pay taxes and about $400 billion of our tax money is put in a pot to be given back to communities. But, if you want a piece of that $400-billion pie in federal funds, you’ll have to complete and return the 2010 census report. Otherwise, your tax dollars will go to communities that do respond, maybe in Alaska.

“Yikes!” you say, “what do I have to do to get my tax money back here?” 

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Volume 3, Issue 2, Posted 10:51 AM, 01.20.2010

University Heights City Council --meeting highlights

NOVEMBER 16, 2009

All council members present.

Disposition of property

Sheila Hubman asked the present council [the newly elected council will be installed in January] to resolve the disposition of the property at 2603 Ashurst Road. Although the house had been demolished and the property cleaned, Mayor Beryl Rothschild doubted there would be a decision whether to sell the lot or use it as public space before January. Hubman also asked for the efficiency report to be reviewed by the current council. The report, compiled by David Akers of the Northeast Ohio Sourcing Office, had been delayed awaiting the outcome of the election and the voters’ decision regarding the city administrator position. It has since been delayed due to scheduling conflicts. Several council members expressed the desire to see a copy of the report if the presentation must be delayed.

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 10:19 PM, 12.15.2009

UH's new mayor offers ambitious six-month plan

An interview with University Heights Mayor-elect Susan Infeld on Dec. 15, 2009.

It's been 32 years since someone has been in your position -starting at the job of mayor of University Heights. What would you like to achieve during the first six months of your administration?

First, I want to realign the citizen advisory committees to study areas of interest to residents. I plan to reinstitute the Communication and Development Commission that has been dormant, in order to study ways the city delivers communication to the residents. A new Green Space Development and Sustainability committee is also on my list. It will make recommendations on public spaces and how best to use the land/spaces we currently have or may become available to the city.

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 10:06 AM, 12.21.2009

Voters keep watch on UH Council

University Heights residents have continued the trend of the past several months to attend CIty Council meetings in greater numbers, addressing the Council in the first 15 minutes –the open-comments portion of each session.

At the Dec. 7 meeting, one resident requested that the city resume salting side streets. This was suspended last year due to a salt shortage. This year, the issue is how much salt the city can afford to purchase – which will be considered when the 2010 budget is evaluated.

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 12:09 PM, 12.15.2009

UH's Rothschild reflects on a lifetime of service

After Dec. 31, Beryl Rothschild's last day as mayor of University Heights, she's going to begin working on her first book.

“I haven’t started it, but I have many things to convey to readers,” she says.

Rothschild’s 42-year legacy of public service to University Heights –10 years on City Council and 32 as mayor (making her Cuyahoga County's longest-serving female mayor)– will undoubtedly take reams of paper to record. One idea she wants to discuss is her admiration for the thousands of local governments across the United States that manage thriving small towns and cities.

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Volume 2, Issue 12, Posted 4:06 PM, 11.19.2009

Vice Mayor Adele Zucker retires

After nine years as Vice Mayor for University Heights, Adele Zucker will leave office this month. Her contributions include keeping a close eye on neighborhood services, and never having to cut staff, something she attributes to frugal management by the mayor and previous councils.

Looking back, Zucker says she is proud of her accomplishments. “To be reelected six times, I think that says I served the residents well. Because of  

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Volume 2, Issue 12, Posted 10:20 AM, 11.17.2009

University Heights City Council Meeting highlights

Plans for Gesu church

An architect from Milan Bender & Associates presented preliminary plans for renovations and additions for the Gesu parish center and church. The initial proposal was approved.

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Volume 2, Issue 12, Posted 11:48 AM, 11.19.2009

University Heights CERT organizes flu shot program

The University Heights Emergency Response Team (CERT) once again organized the influenza immunization program for University Heights residents on Nov. 15 at Wiley Middle School. 

CERT uses this opportunity to reinforce training procedures for its resident volunteers in basic response skills to possible disasters. The flu vaccination clinic used the national CERT protocol as a drill to insure its team is prepared. University Height Emergency Response Organization, under Fire Chief John Pitchler, performed flawlessly. 

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Volume 2, Issue 12, Posted 7:56 AM, 11.16.2009

Hugging trees at Arbor Day celebration

University Heights celebrated Arbor Day on Nov. 6 by having a community tree planting on Vernon Road. The celebration included a speech by Mayor Beryl Rothschild, who had given the very first Arbor Day speech when the city first began observing the day.

At this year’s celebration, children from Wiley Middle and Gearity Elementary schools read poetry, helped plant the trees and later joined in a group tree hug. Walter Stinson, the city’s community coordinator, led the group of officials, members of City Beautiful and neighborhood residents in singing "America the Beautiful."


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Volume 2, Issue 12, Posted 9:14 AM, 11.17.2009

University Heights honors Mayor Rothschild, Vice Mayor Zucker and others at Civic Awards Reception

Mayor Beryl E. Rothschild was honored recently for her 42 years of dedicated and distinguished service along with Vice Mayor Adele Zucker and other residents at the 50th annual University Heights Civic Awards reception. The awards were announced on Thursday, October 22 in the Lombardo Student Center at John Carroll University.

The mayor and other University Heights residents presented with the recognition awards include:

2009 Citizen of the Year Award and Special Community Tribute on Retirement

Mayor Beryl E. Rothschild, for 42 years of dedicated and distinguished service to the City of University Heights, ten as member of City Council, 32 during the eventful years 1978-2009 as Mayor.

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Volume 2, Issue 12, Posted 7:53 PM, 11.08.2009

University Heights City Council meeting highlights


Council member Steven D. Bullock excused.

Removal of debris

Linda Johnson of Ashurst Road asked for the city’s plan to remove debris after the planned demolition of a house in her neighborhood, and for notification to neighbors as to when the demolition is scheduled to occur. Although such notification is not normally done, the council agreed to honor her request. Johnson also advocated the development of an ongoing way of engaging residents in neighborhood revitalization.

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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 12:19 PM, 10.20.2009

Steven Bennett candidate for University Heights Mayor

Biographical Information

I am a 25 year resident of University Heights.

What are the qualities of University Heights and what would you do to sustain them?

University Heights is both small town Americana and college town within a large city environment.  Small town Americana is evident through the Memorial Day Parade or a quiet evening walk around the block. College town is evident by JCU campus architecture, the flurry of student activity within the interior campus green space and classrooms, the excitement on athletic fields. As mayor, I will strive to sustain this quality environment through frugal management of city operations to include seeking collaboration with other cities when and where it makes sense to do so. I will also strive to maintain an open ongoing relationship between residents and the University by establishing a citizen’s advisory committee to work with the Council’s University Affairs Committee. As president of the Northeast Ohio City Council Association and a long time executive board member, I have the experience working with elected officials from all over Cuyahoga County and beyond.  As a councilman I supported collaborations with other cities from a consolidated fire and squad dispatch to expansion of City recreation program offerings through payment of the difference between non-resident fees and resident. I also actively worked on solutions to neighborhood stability and University expansion needs successfully.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 9:55 AM, 09.30.2009