Deanna Bremer Fisher, Publisher, Heights Observer; Executive Director, FutureHeights

Kim Sergio Inglis, Editor-in-Chief, Heights Observer

Jessica Schantz, Managing Editor, Heights Observer

Bob Rosenbaum, Advertising, Heights Observer

Sally Kramer Distribution, Heights Observer

Kathleen Fant, Bookkeeper, FutureHeights


Contact us at 216.320.1423 or

Office hours are:

M-F 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2834 Washington Blvd., Suite 105

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118


The Heights Observer Editorial Advisory Committee:

  • David Budin
  • Deanna Bremer Fisher, publisher and Future Heights Executive Director
  • Greg Donley
  • Judith Eugene
  • Jewel Moulthrop
  • Vince Reddy
  • Bob Rosenbaum, chairman
  • Kim Sergio Inglis, editor-in-chief
  • Julia Kious Zabell, FutureHeights Board Member
  • Jessica Schantz