Maple Heights mayor endorses Seren

I enthusiastically endorse Kahlil Seren for mayor of Cleveland Heights because I believe that he is the most experienced and prepared mayoral candidate. He has the transferrable skills—in advocacy and research, budget and policy, and economic development—needed to be an effective and successful CEO.

During my time as Maple Heights mayor, all of my interactions with and observations of Kahlil have left me with an admiration of his impressive professionalism, a greater respect for his commitment to public service, his voice in leadership, and his courage to make important decisions.   

A strong mayor listens and lifts up the people in their city, and then acts to ensure a Return on Investment (ROI) for all the stakeholders in the city: residents, businesses and visitors. The voters should have no reservation about Kahlil’s accessibility and responsiveness to their concerns. He is expressive, easily connects to people, and always responds compassionately.  

In a life of public service, there must be a recognition of equal justice. Therefore, mayors must always work to ensure equity in economics, environment, health, and opportunities in their communities. Kahlil has the education, experience and skill set to create and execute the policy framework to achieve this justice. He is comfortable in an executive boardroom and is appropriate, organized, present, outspoken and a capable negotiator.

Cities are a big and important (corporate) business, in terms of revenue, expenses, and stakeholders, that should be led by a competent and very knowledgeable business professional—and Kahlil Seren is an incomparable businessperson. Lastly, it is my strong opinion that Cleveland Heights has a hopeful and progressive future under the leadership and vision of mayoral candidate Kahlil Seren.

Annette Blackwell

Annette Blackwell is mayor of the city of Maple Heights.

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Volume 14, Issue 9, Posted 9:33 AM, 09.02.2021