Hart supports our public schools

Currently serving on CH City Council, Melody Joy Hart is experienced. As a certified public accountant, she understands finances. She has posted a platform that names the essential issues facing Cleveland Heights: strong housing, racial equity, fiscal responsibility, economic development, strong public schools, and transparent leadership.

Hart pledges to consider racial equity and the long impact of structural racism in every decision facing Cleveland Heights. She will help us continue to realize our long-held ideals of equity and inclusion.

The primary reason I will be voting for Hart for Cleveland Heights mayor, on Sept. 14, is her declared support for our public schools. Clearly the mayor leads the city, not the school district; but on her website Hart shares the letter she sent [as a member of ] city council to the community last May, explaining the importance of the Fair School Funding Plan in the state budget. She declared: “Many, if not most of the challenges facing CH-UH Schools are caused by the unconstitutional school funding process followed by the State government for decades . . . The ability to attract and retain residents . . . depends on getting control of local tax rates.”

Dogged advocacy by members of the school board, the superintendent, teachers, parents, the Heights Coalition, and municipal leaders like Hart, helped force the [state] legislature to fund EdChoice tuition vouchers directly, and stop extracting the cost of each voucher right out of the school district’s budget.

However, in the new state budget, the legislature did not fund the full six-year phase-in of the Fair School Funding Plan, and its members created other potential problems for funding public school districts in the future. Cleveland Heights needs a strong municipal leader who will stand behind our city’s educators striving to meet the needs of our public schools and protect the rights of all of our district’s children.

Melody Joy Hart is that leader.

Jan Resseger

Jan Resseger has been a longtime advocate for the Heights Schools.  

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Volume 14, Issue 9, Posted 9:35 AM, 09.02.2021