CH resident Dronet is 2022 candidate for District 9 seat

Danielle Dronet

My name is Danielle Dronet. I live and work in Cleveland Heights. I’m running in the 2022 election for the District 9 seat in the Ohio House of Representatives, and I’d like your help as I campaign and develop my plan of action. 

For nearly a decade my professional life has been dedicated to serving District 9. In that time, I’ve become fluent in the language of our district: the optimism and growth potential witnessed here, the commonalities and civic pride of our citizenry, and the needs of our communities. My contributions to our district include:

  • Operating a mental-health practice on the East Side for patients suffering from trauma;
  • Advocating for economic education, blockchain-based transparency initiatives, improved delivery of social services, and community enrichment and outreach projects; 
  • Founding CAMHP (Center for Advanced Mental Health Practice), an economic advocacy nonprofit organization;
  • Designing The Laura Cornelius Kellogg Program, a free residential education and community-outreach program for qualifying domestic abuse survivors; and 
  • Negotiating between citizens in crisis and the bureaucracy of the city government that serves them.

My platform for District 9 is a direct result of conversations with clients, neighbors, and people who also work every day in, and for, our district. I am starting my campaign early to develop a blueprint that carefully considers the diversity and interdependence of the neighborhoods and cities of our district, and touches on the most essential issues facing it right now. Early campaigning also gives me plenty of time to meet as many citizens as I can face-to-face, and hear their stories, their concerns, and their hopes for the communities they call home. 

I support a strong community voice in the design of the Ohio Fair School Funding bill, as well as the repurposing of vacant housing, businesses, and unused lots, and traffic- and homeowner-safety initiatives. My goals include writing social services overhaul legislation; defining hate crime in Ohio to reduce incidence; and coordinating with community members to secure the infrastructure grants that bring safety and economic stability improvements to District 9. 

My campaign is a true grassroots campaign. To contact me, or read about my platform, visit

Danielle Dronet

Danielle Dronet is a professional and a community activist who lives with her family in Cleveland Heights. She has operated a licensed mental health practice on the East Side since 2014, where she specializes in trauma recovery. 

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Volume 14, Issue 7, Posted 12:12 PM, 06.21.2021