CH residents deserve a public hearing on Meadowbrook-Lee site

Cleveland Heights citizens have not been asked what they think about the city’s (sixth) attempt to develop [the site at] Meadowbrook Boulevard and Lee Road.

My friends and I think that putting in an urban activity park (a space with a stage; an area to hold farmers markets, or food trucks; a water feature, etc.) is a good idea for the 1.07-acre space at Meadowbrook and Lee.

Many people agree—more than 668 have signed our online petition—and have joined with us to help make this happen.

Don’t let people tell you a park won’t bring in money. If they say this, explain that the Coventry merchants are on record saying that Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Park brings them business.

We have repeatedly asked city council [members] to put a discussion of a park at Meadowbrook-Lee on their agenda. They have refused to do so.

Citizen participation in council meetings has been severely weakened because the meetings are virtual—citizens can’t go to the meeting and bring up the issue ourselves. We have submitted written comments that are read at the meetings, but they have been ignored.

No matter how you feel about what should be done with that city land—build apartments or a park—the more important issue is: Shouldn’t citizens have an opportunity to participate in the discussion about this space?

We think citizens deserve a public hearing about Meadowbrook-Lee; not a public meeting, but a formal public hearing.

If you agree, please e-mail city council ( and ask for a public hearing, or, better yet, call them. Their numbers (except one) are on the city’s website. Just google Cleveland Heights City Council, then click on their photos to find their phone numbers. 

For more information, visit our website,, or our Facebook page. If you agree that the Meadowbrook-Lee space should become Cedar Lee Park, please e-mail us to request a yard sign, or leaflets to pass out to your neighbors.

Fran Mentch

Fran Mentch was a leader of Citizens for Oakwood, the group that tried to stop the development of the former Oakwood Country Club. She is a doctoral candidate in the Cleveland State University Levin College of Urban Affairs, the chair of the Northeast Ohio Sierra Club Executive Committee, and a community activist.

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Volume 14, Issue 6, Posted 11:44 AM, 05.27.2021