University Heights is thankful for Civic Award recipients

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  • The members of the Citizens Committee on Policing Policies have been selected as the University Heights Citizens of the Year.

  • Good Neighbor award recipient Joan Spoerl.

  • Good Neighbor award recipient Rabbi Raphael Davidovich.

  • Special Recognition award recipient Kim Airey.

  • Good Neighbor award recipient and Co-owner of Bialy's Bagels, Sarah Gross. 

  • The staff at Geraci's Restaurant, Good Neighbor award recipients.

  • Public Servant of the Year award recipient Council Member Saundra Berry.

  • Special Recognition award recipient Lt. Dale Orians.

  • Volunteers of the Year award recipients Friends of the Walt members Eran Shiloh, Darlene Floden and Joanna Homann.

  • Good Neighbor award recipient Father Karl Kiser.

  • Good Neighbor award recipient Hallie Rybka.

  • City Employee of the Year award recipient Police Chief Dustin Rogers.

  • Educator of the Year award recipient Amanda Balzetic.

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