Why I voted for Issue 69

I voted for Issue 69, the CH-UH school levy. I believe every child attending public school has a RIGHT to have a QUALITY education. An education filled with a variety of experiences allowing them to compete on a national stage in whatever field they choose to follow.

Those opposed to supporting public education indicate that students should “make do” with larger class sizes because staff gets cut; children should “deal with” the lack of advanced classes, career tech, clubs and activities that can spark their love of learning. Frankly, those opposed will always be against supporting public schools, no matter the size or purpose of a levy. This letter is not for them.

Public school is for all. Our public schools are majority students of color. If you believe Black Lives Matter, then I challenge you to make sure Black MINDS Matter by voting for Issue 69! I am an African American wife and mother of two daughters. My husband and I have DEMANDED that our daughters have an enriching experience—and CH-UH has delivered from kindergarten through grade 12. They have thrived and been supported by every category of staff person in the schools they’ve attended—principals, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, teachers, counselors, secretaries—ALL!

They thrived not just in the classroom, but because teachers and staff were willing to serve as advisors on everything from Power of the Pen, to Science Olympiad, to Model UN. They’ve thrived on the playing field, on stage, and in the artist studio. And when time came to compete for college admission and scholarships, our eldest was prepared.

So when I see a levy on the ballot like this one, the lowest in 30 years, that will mean 46 cents a day more to my household budget—I say YES! I say YES because I want those just starting school to leave the district just as prepared as my kids are. I say YES because I want to help more than just my two but ALL children in the district live up to their potential, even AFTER my kids aren’t there anymore. So if you’re reading this, squash the negativity and say YES to Issue 69, too!

Saroya Queen-Tabor

Saroya Queen-Tabor has been a resident of Cleveland Heights for over 30 years. She and her husband, David, have two children who have thrived in CH-UH schools. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and is a school volunteer.

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Volume 13, Issue 11, Posted 3:26 PM, 10.23.2020