Vote 'no' on Issue 69

I urge every Cleveland Heights and University Heights resident to vote a resounding "No" on Issue 69—a sneaky backdoor way to raise our taxes for a lifetime, with no accountability on the part of the school board or the teacher's union.

Taxes in CH-UH are already way too high—they have the highest combined rate in the state of Ohio—not for an upper-class area with wealthy residents, nor for top-rated schools, but for a working-class community with sections of poverty—with some of the lowest home values in the region—and some of the worst schools (ranked 4th from the bottom statewide)!

It's time to say "No More” in a clear way that school board can understand, so its members stop abusing their authority to put levy after levy on the ballot, with no consideration for the economy—the pandemic—or the stress and strain that ordinary families are under—all for failing schools that are often done remotely anyways.

Failing schools do not deserve more money. We've generously thrown piles of money at our schools for the last 40–50 years, only to see them sink further and further into failure and lack of accountability.

Only by saying "no" and cutting off the absurdly high taxes—then working together as a community to reduce our millage (for schools and all other sources), and then to reduce our outrageous income taxes—can we achieve what other low-tax communities have achieved: good schools and fair taxes.

Laurel Freeder

Laurel Freeder is a 30-plus year resident of the Heights, a homeowner and a taxpayer.

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Volume 13, Issue 11, Posted 3:18 PM, 10.23.2020