Cleveland Heights launches 'All Are Welcome'

In September, Cleveland Heights launched “All Are Welcome.” Not a slogan or a campaign, the initiative includes physical reminders placed throughout the community, in the form of “All Are Welcome” window displays, bus wraps and videos, as well as discussions on social media on the theme.  

It is intended to be a celebration of the city’s diversity and a display of how much residents value its strong sense of community.

“The city of Cleveland Heights has always been a place that strives to be a city where diversity is valued, and openness, inclusivity and respect are cherished traits,” said Mayor Jason Stein.

“The ‘All Are Welcome’ initiative recommits to the ongoing tradition of our community, that we believe in the value and the importance of diversity in our neighborhoods and in our commercial areas,” said Acting City Manager Susanna Niermann O’Neill. “All are welcome to live, to work, to visit, and to be a part of this special and vibrant city.”

The initiative is anchored by a video that shows some “favorite things” about Cleveland Heights. It is meant to be uplifting and uniting, providing a sense of pride to residents while positioning Cleveland Heights as a destination of choice to live in or visit.

The initiative is the result of the city’s collaboration with two Cleveland Heights residents—Adam Dew, of Dew Media Inc., and Roger Frank, of Little Jacket.

The city also intends for the initiative to produce positive economic returns (move to Cleveland Heights, buy a house, rent an apartment, spend money in its shops and restaurants, open a business and create jobs).

It is a precursor to the city’s 100th birthday celebration in 2021.

“We’re proud to be a place where progress meets preservation, and as we look toward our next 100 years, we’re committed to making sure the community that lives here and visits Cleveland Heights knows that they are welcome,” said Stein.

The video can be viewed at

Mary Trupo

Mary Trupo is director of communications and public engagement at the city of Cleveland Heights.

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