Appointments donít reflect the voice of the people

To the Editor:

In last fall’s election, Cleveland Heights voters were clear that appointments don’t reflect the voice of the people. Residents rejected the most recent city council appointment by a large margin, with the challenger, Davida Russell, winning against the appointed council member, with more than 57 percent of the vote.

Just one year later, the council member rejected by the voters has somehow made it to city council’s top four applicants [for another open council seat], narrowed from a pool of 22. Hmmm, really? How did this happen?

Our city may have some important issues on its plate, but there’s nothing that would inhibit the current council from fully functioning. It would serve the residents of Cleveland Heights more to wait until a seventh member can be democratically elected to council.

seven Cleveland Heights residents

Signed by Felicia Jeffries, Thyra Davis, Asia Johnson, Markita Stevenson, Lonnie Davis, Florine Alford and William Jeffries.

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Volume 13, Issue 9, Posted 11:36 AM, 08.10.2020