Heights Tree People planting trees through May

Heights Tree People (HTP) [the subject of a February Heights Observer article] is a group of volunteers who plant trees for free in people’s front yards in the Heights. They continue to plant trees this spring for homeowners who would like a tree planted. 

The group plants trees practicing social distancing—following the six-foot rule and wearing masks. All contact with them can take place via e-mail. “We have planted more than 65 trees this spring, since March 1. Spring planting lasts through May,” said Laura Marks and Bill Hanavan, HTP founders.

The group plants trees in all Heights neighborhoods, but it is hoping people who live near Cleveland Height High School, especially, will contact them. HTP is supporting FutureHeights’ Model Block Program by planting trees in neighborhoods surrounding the school. [FutureHeights is HTP’s fiscal agent.]

If you would like a free tree planted on your property, send an e-mail to heightstreepeople@gmail.com. A group member then will get in touch with you. 

One Cleveland Heights tree recipient had this to say about her experience: “I have been so stressed out and anxious due to Covid-19. These two friendly, smiling people showed up at my house and planted a tree in my front yard! It was such a joyous relief from the news. I even convinced my neighbor to plant a tree in her yard.” 

Margy Weinberg

Margy Weinberg, a CH resident, is a lover of all things trees. She gathered a group of Heights tree enthusiasts together in March 2019. The group became the founders for Heights Tree People, a volunteer Heights citizen group looking to reforest the Heights for free, as an act of love. 111 trees were planted in 2019. The goal for 2020 is 200. HTP can be reached at Heightstreepeople@gmail.com. 

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Volume 13, Issue 5, Posted 12:47 PM, 04.30.2020