TOH opponents seek to place 'advisory vote' on fall ballot

Some Buckingham Condominium residents are concerned about the impending construction of the Top of the Hill (TOH) project immediately adjacent to their building, and its detrimental impact on their property values. They have decided to legally oppose the construction of the project.

The group, Heights Voices Count, has engaged Connick Law of Beachwood as legal counsel, formed an LLC to direct its opposition, and has commitments of thousands of dollars in financial support. The group's members are beginning a petition drive to place an "advisory vote" on the November ballot, to advise Cleveland Heights City Council that its citizenry does not want the TOH project to be built as it currently is rendered. The ballot resolution will give voting citizens the opportunity to vote for or against the project.

The focus of the Buckingham residents' complaint is that the city of Cleveland Heights and Flaherty & Collins, the developer, did not fully consider the development’s impact on their property values when designing the proposed 10-story apartment building adjacent to their building, the other apartments, and the project amenities, including a dog park in front of the Buckingham building. Numerous requests by Buckingham residents to meet with city officials and the developer to discuss their concerns have been ignored or rebuffed.

This action is similar to the recent advisory resolution in Hudson, brought by the group Voice of Hudson, that successfully stopped a development project in downtown Hudson proposed by the city of Hudson.

Don King

Don King is a resident of the Buckingham and has taken a leadership role in the Heights Voices Count LLC. He served as pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, and has been a resident of Cleveland Heights since 1985.

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Volume 13, Issue 5, Posted 11:46 AM, 04.20.2020