Cedar Lee Connection development project is underway

This map show the location of the proposed project. [Courtesy city of Cleveland Heights.]

The development project planned for the surface parking lot behind the Cedar Lee Theatre and the adjacent vacant lot to the south—at Lee Road and Meadowbrook Boulevard—is moving ahead. The project is spearheaded by Cedar Lee Connection, LLC (CLC), comprising local partners Sequoia Realty Corp. and Snavely Group.

Since the city of Cleveland Heights’ acceptance of CLC’s proposal last summer, plans have begun to take a more concrete shape. The project aims to enhance the community by adding a new complex of approximately 150 market-rate studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, as well as retail, restaurant and work spaces.

CLC envisions creating a woonerf, the Dutch term for “living street,” an inviting, connective shared space for pedestrians, strollers, bicycles and cars in the area behind the Cedar Lee Theatre and adjacent Lee Road businesses. The woonerf would allow for public art and create space for community events.

Richard Ferris, head of Sequoia Realty, said, “We would like to investigate how current residents would like to see the new community spaces utilized. We have teamed up with FutureHeights to facilitate community engagement with local businesses, those currently living in the area, as well as those hoping to occupy the new apartments.”

“We are working on a plan to create opportunities for resident and business-owner feedback,” said Deanna Bremer Fisher, executive director of FutureHeights. “The current crisis has presented some new challenges on how, but we anticipate being able to do so in the next few months.”

CLC is proceeding with a parking analysis of the Cedar Lee Business District, with a particular focus on the immediate area near the project site. Because parking requirements can fluctuate considerably throughout the week, options such as valet service are being considered to alleviate any potential parking-related issues. Additionally, services such as Uber and Lyft, the use of public transportation, and biking and walking may impact future parking demand.

Sarah Wolf

Sarah Wolf is an intern at FutureHeights.

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