FH launches housing program

2036 Hampstead Road after renovation.

FutureHeights, the community development corporation for Cleveland Heights, has launched FutureHomes, a housing rehabilitation program. In partnership with the city of Cleveland Heights and the Cuyahoga Land Bank, the program is intended to strengthen neighborhoods in which there are vacant and abandoned properties.

FutureHeights works with its partners to secure vacant houses and facilitate their rehabilitation with trusted contractors. “We develop a scope of work, monitor the process, and assist with the marketing of the completed property to a new owner-occupant,” said Deanna Bremer Fisher, executive director of FutureHeights. “The first home we completed is located on Goodnor Road, about one block north of the high school; based on feedback from neighbors, we already know it’s having an impact on the surrounding neighborhood.”

Home Consulting Solutions LLC renovated the circa 1920s, three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom home on Goodnor, including porch repair; all new plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning; as well as an upgraded and expanded kitchen, and updated baths. After renovations were complete in October, the home sold to a new owner-occupant for its full asking price after only three days on the market.

FutureHeights currently has five other homes in the program, two of which are nearing completion.

“Cleveland Heights housing stock exhibits a variety of architectural styles and details that highlight our rich history,” said Fisher. “These homes represent the time in which they were built and are a big part of what makes Cleveland Heights unique. Recognizing the importance of preserving these homes and showcasing their distinctive features is what led to the creation of our FutureHomes program. We seek to set a high standard for housing renovations and restore neighborhood pride.”  

Another home, 2036 Hampstead Road, constructed in 1922, is being renovated by Frank Kuhar of Revived Housing Developers Inc. Kuhar updated the kitchen and baths, and installed new electrical, heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems. He finished a portion of the basement and added a second full bathroom. He also completely rebuilt the front porch and the garage, which had collapsed.

FutureHeights and Kuhar will host a community open house at 2036 Hampstead on Sunday, Dec. 8, from 2 to 4 p.m. so that the public can see the renovations firsthand and learn more about FutureHomes.

“We are excited about the amazing transformation of this house, but there are still many homes that need attention throughout Cleveland Heights,” said Fisher. “We are looking forward to continuing to work with our partners to enhance our city’s housing stock and build more resilient neighborhoods.”

Abby Lawless

Abby Lawless is the director of real estate development at FutureHeights.

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