Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights 11-4-2019

NOVEMBER 4, 2019


  • Public comments 
  • Master Plan update
  • Severance Town Center redevelopment 
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Animals and fowl
  • Cuyahoga County sewer maintenance services
  • Delamere Drive NEORSD grant 
  • Refuse and Recycling Task Force 
  • Housing and Transportation Committee
  • Mayor’s report


Council members present were Mayor Carol Roe, Vice Mayor Melissa Yasinow, Craig Cobb, Mary Dunbar, Kahlil Seren and Jason Stein. Michael N. Ungar participated by telephone, but did not vote. 

The meeting lasted from 7:31 to 8:39 p.m.

Public comment

Small Business Saturday: Mayor Roe introduced Myra Orenstein, executive director of Cedar Fairmount Business District and Cleveland Independents, speaking on behalf of Shop Small and Shop Local on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 30. Because the Heights community is home to “so many wonderful” businesses, they will be celebrated on November 30 as the 10th annual Shop Small event, supported by American Express. Later in the meeting, council unanimously approved proclaiming November 30 as Small Business Saturday.

Mayor Roe invited personal communications from Cleveland Heights citizens.

Council member issue positions: A resident from Cummings Road spoke against the four city council members who are against Issue 26, feeling that they are not private citizens in this matter with the right to engage, because they are actively campaigning “against their own shareholders, so to speak.” Later in the meeting, Council Member Seren stated his support of Issue 26 and defended his right to speak his mind, whether for or against, as a member of city council.

Top of the Hill: A resident from Cleveland Heights Boulevard spoke against the Top of the Hill project utilizing a satirical storyline to state her opinion. 

Dog tethering: A resident from Woodridge Road expressed concern about tethering laws for dogs and the need to look at Lakewood’s tethering laws in relation to hours of being tethered, time of day, and weather.

Foster care and adoption: Kevinee Gilmore of #FosterCare spoke on behalf of November becoming Foster Care and Adoption month. She shared the upcoming “Adopt My Hair-athon” event on November 17 from 12-5 p.m. at 2122 S. Taylor Rd. For more information, contact

Tree planting: A resident from Castle Road wants everyone to come together and reunite after the local election and plant trees at the Community Center on Nov. 17 . Planting begins at 1:15 pm. Shovels, eleven trees, and light refreshments will be provided. The Heights Tree People is hosting the event.  

Master Plan update

City Manager Tanisha Briley gave the third quarter update. She reviewed successes to date, recognizing the tracking mechanism that can be found on the city website called the Master Plan Dashboard [, under Community/Master Plan]. Over 1,000 residents provided input to the plan the city is following. Some of the highlights include five houses that have been rehabilitated and 18 more have been rehabilitated through partnership efforts with other organizations. Cleveland Heights now has the number one ranking in Smart Growth America for complete streets policies. The city has continued to grow businesses, adding two more – ProXimity Golf Lounge and Black Canvas CLE, the new Lee Road art center. Her department continues to make progress on the 24 priorities to be completed in two years such as addressing delinquent properties through payment plans and foreclosure bond release. Marketing and outreach are ongoing in highlighting Cleveland Heights in the news and through rebranding efforts in ad campaigns in City Guide and other avenues. 

Council Member Seren asked about steering committee involvement in the marketing guidance, and the city manager responded that they are working from the initial resident input. Mayor Roe asked about how the city is letting citizens know of the actions, and the city manager stated that information can be found on the dashboard on the city’s website. Council Member Dunbar asked about the birds, bees and insects in relation to evening lighting, stating that more and more cities across the nation are taking steps to address these issues. The city manager responded that the master plan is a flexible plan.

Severance Town Center redevelopment

Council introduced a resolution for entering into an agreement with AE7 Pittsburgh. A full presentation will be given on Tuesday in the Planning and Development Committee.

Animals and Fowl legislation

Council approved replacement language for Chapter 505 of the city code on Animals and Fowl. Council Member Yasinow expressed appreciation for the work done by the staff. 

Cuyahoga County sewer maintenance services

Council authorized an agreement with Cuyahoga County to help maintain the city’s sanitary and storm sewers.

Delamere Drive NEORSD grant 

Council approved a grant agreement with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) to fund the Delamere Drive Basement Flooding Relief Project.

Refuse and Recycling Task Force 

Council approved extension of the Task Force term until January 31, 2020. Council Member Yasinow encouraged everyone to visit the leaf date pick up map on the city website [ under Residents/Leaf Collection] for specific neighborhood and street information. 

Housing and Transportation Committee

The committee prefers rehabs to tear-downs in Cleveland Heights. Currently, they are developing policy solutions regarding new forms of transportation such as scooters and electric vehicles. Also, there is a great deal of excitement around Small Business Saturday on Nov. 30. Finally, everyone has opinions regarding the upcoming elections, and there is a strong feeling that citizens will do what is best for the city.

Mayor’s report

Mayor Roe stated that clearly there are different opinions regarding the direction of the city and her happiness that election day is finally here. She urged all to please remember to vote.

Next regular council meeting is Monday, Nov. 18, 7:30 pm.

LWV Observer: Jeannine Gury. 

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