Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights 9-3-2019



  • Public comments
  • City manager’s report
  • Liquor control
  • NOPEC Grant
  • Edwards Road
  • Planning commission
  • Month and week proclamations
  • Mayor’s report
  • Council members’ announcements


Council members present were Mayor Carol Roe, Vice Mayor Melissa Yasinow, Craig Cobb and Mary Dunbar. Members absent were Kahlil Seren, Jason Stein and Michael N. Ungar. The meeting lasted from 7:46 to 8:46 p.m.

Public comments

Seven city residents spoke about a wide variety of concerns.

  • Mark Pultusker spoke again about his experience with municipal broadband projects on both sides of the issue. He is quite concerned and offered the city a free study to show pros, cons and potential pitfalls. Mayor Roe stated she will discuss this with council and staff. City Manager Tanisha Briley encouraged him to submit a proposal soon, as the RFP period is closing. 
  • Joan Mallik urged a market study for Top of the Hill. She stated Richard Wong of the Planning Department had said this would not be done because the developer had performed a study. She feels this should be done before proceeding.
  • Joyce Rajke asked that the next Architectural Board of Review be video recorded. She claims that the court reporter is inadequate. She asked that a complete drawing be presented because at the last meeting the drawing was incomplete, and that a shadow study be done.
  • Dr. Mark Perrin, a Ph.D. in neurobiology, inquired about a wildlife study, particularly of the deer population, as there have been cases of Lyme disease in the region and deer ticks can spread the disease to humans and mice.
  • Linda Margolin thanked the speaker about the deer, reflecting on the community trauma caused by a vehicle/deer accident in her neighborhood after which the police had to shoot the injured deer. She suggests it is time to cull the herd. She also asked that council meeting minutes be included in the packet, and an explanation of when emergency legislation is appropriate. Vice Mayor Yasinow answered the last query by explaining that legislation can take immediate effect if it is passed after a single reading (“Emergency”), but must wait 30 days if there are two or more. She noted that the Charter Review Commission has recommended a modification of the wording of this matter in the Amended Charter, but that it will not be presented to voters until a future date.
  • Bill Bruml lives on Middlehurst and is concerned that building an eight-suite apartment building with only eight garages on the block south of Mayfield will cause a parking problem. There is currently informal parking on the lot that will be built upon. He was referred to Richard Wong to discuss his concerns.
  • Alex Pesta encouraged council to be “bold and intentional” about Top of the Hill; he pointed out the developer’s and city’s commitment, adding that so many meetings and studies can lead to a project “getting stuck,” and concluding “you cannot satisfy everyone.”

City manager’s report

Ms. Briley’s full report may be found on the website at:

A few highlights from her discussion were about the broadband RFP, Global Cleveland, the NOPEC aggregation, the upcoming Happy 5K Race, block parties, the Communications Department, the Taylor Road study, a planned apartment building on Middlehurst Road, Top of the Hill and Edwards Road, an electric scooter project, Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook, Severance Center, Fairmount-Coventry-Scarborough, signalization projects, new canine officers, the Refuse and Recycling Task Force, the recent Safety Forces Out Night, properties from the Land Bank that have gone to the Home Repair Resource Center and FutureHeights, and the Police Department’s successes in tracking down those suspected of perpetrating violent crimes. There will be a presentation on the Noble Corridor at the September 16 council meeting. 

Liquor control

The Ohio Department of Liquor Control has received application for a liquor license transfer at the BP Unimart, 252, 2801 Mayfield Road.


An ordinance to authorize all actions necessary to accept Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) 2019 Energized Community Grants received a first reading.

Edwards Road

An ordinance to vacate a portion of the street right-of-way for Edwards Road received a first reading. This will accommodate the proposed buildings and improvements to be constructed as part of the Top of the Hill, while reserving an easement for utilities and drainage.

Planning commission

Council appointed Jessica Wobig to the Planning Commission.

Month and week proclamations

Council unanimously proclaimed September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. September 13-22 was proclaimed Welcoming Week. A wealth of events sponsored by Global Cleveland will increase awareness of immigration and international newcomers. See details. Cleveland Heights is a Welcoming City.

Mayor’s report

Mayor Roe urged citizens to look at council updates on the city website and announced the following events:

  • September 15 - Heights Heritage Home and Garden Tour
  • September 25 - Noble Neighbors Candidate Forum at Noble Road Presbyterian Churc
  • October 2 - Noble Neighbors Governance Forum
  • October 3 - League of Women Voters Candidates Forum at the Community Center
  • October 10 - League of Women Voters Issue Forum at Cleveland Heights High School Cafeteria

Council members’ announcements

Ms. Dunbar recognized city staff for the many successful grants the city has received. “There is money out there,” she said, “if you ask for it!”

The next council meeting will be Monday, September 16, 2019, at 7:30 p.m.

LWV Observer: Blanche Valancy.

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