Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights 7-1-2019

JULY 1, 2019


  • Recognition
  • Public Comments
  • City manager’s report
  • Liquor control
  • Storefront renovation
  • Top of the Hill parking plan
  • National Parks and Recreation Month
  • Fourth of July safety
  • Bond ordinances
  • 2020 Tax Budget
  • Public walks and walkways
  • Mayor’s report


Council members present were Mayor Carol Roe, Vice Mayor Melissa Yasinow, Craig Cobb, Mary Dunbar, Kahlil Seren, Jason Stein and Michael N. Ungar. The meeting lasted from 7:34 to 8:17 p.m.


Mr. Ungar recognized Georgie Jollivette through a celebratory proclamation congratulating her 4.7 GPA as a Cleveland Heights High School graduate. 

Public comment

Marijuana legalization: A resident spoke about his desire for Cleveland Heights to consider supporting the legalization of marijuana in Ohio, referencing the sales revenue data from the states of Colorado and Washington.

Top of the Hill: A resident expressed concern that the council and developer are not listening to feedback, specifically that which recognized the location as crowded and lacking green space – qualities by which it should have been rejected outright. Instead, 20 townhomes were removed for lack of space. The resident also recognized the upcoming meeting on July 9 for additional public feedback. Mayor Roe said these additional comments would be sent to the developer.

Mr. Ungar reiterated that there have been public comment sessions and again recognized the upcoming public comment meeting with the architectural board of review on July 9 at 7 pm.

City manager’s report

City Manager Tanisha Briley notified city council that they are rejecting all bids received for the Selwyn Road resurfacing and water line replacement and requested permission to re-bid the project. Council approved permission and referred it to the Safety and Municipal Services Committee.

The city manager stated that the State of Ohio did not pass an operating budget by June 30, but a stop gap budget was passed. She also recognized a great meeting with FutureHeights and that they will have a role in planning the future of Severance once a developer is selected. The city manager referred to the strategic plan and the hard work that is being performed. She also recognized the great press coverage that they have received celebrating the communications department educating the public on their efforts from such coverage as IdeaStream as well as other outlets. Finally, the city manager celebrated the musical “Ragtime” at Cain Park, “our city jewel.”

Liquor control

The finance director notified council that an application has been received from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control advising that an application has been made by Zhug LLC for the transfer of permits from Perry’s Ridge Investments , better known as Buffalo Wild Wings. As a matter of record, it was referred to the Safety and Municipal Services Committee, the city manager, and the law director.

Storefront renovation

Council adopted revised guidelines for the city’s storefront renovation program to repeal previous amendments to the program’s guidelines.

Top of the Hill parking plan

Council authorized a parking plan for the duration of the Top of the Hill construction.

National Parks and Recreation Month

Council proclaimed July as National Parks and Recreation Month. Mr. Stein voted against the proclamation.

Fourth of July safety

The Safety and Municipal Services Committee did not have anything to report, however, Ms. Yasinow wished everyone a safe and happyFourth of July, hoping that everyone will be careful with firecrackers recognizing that dangerous situations arise when alcohol is involved.

Bond ordinances

Council passed three ordinances totaling $1,213,000 for the issuance and sale of notes, anticipating bonds to be issued for acquiring motor vehicles and equipment for both the forestry and sewer utilities divisions of the public works department, acquiring mobile radios for the police department, and funding city street construction and related costs. 

Tax budget

In addition, council adopted the 2020 tax budget as well as designating certain law department attorneys.

Mr. Unger addressed the speed by which the meeting moved through the finance legislation noting that each of these issues had been fully discussed prior to this meeting.

Public walks and walkways

Ms. Dunbar celebrated the public walks and capital projects’ continuing progress to make the walkways ADA compliant. The Housing Committee continues to look for easily executable ways to create greater safety in our public paths for pedestrians and bikers.

Mayor’s report

Mayor Roe praised the collaboration with FutureHeights, specifically focusing on engagement and discussion around the Coventry PEACE Park.

The next meeting of council will be July 15.

LWV Observer, Jeannine Gury.

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