Cleveland Heights- University Heights Board of Education regular meeting highlights 4-16-2019

APRIL 16, 2019


  • Introduction of the NWEA MAP program


President Jodi Sourini, Dan Heintz, Malia Lewis and Beverly Wright were present. Vice President James Posch was absent. Interim Superintendent Dr. Brian A. Williams and Director of Data and Assessment Allison Byrd were also present. The meeting began at 6 p.m. and adjourned at 7:13 p.m.

Introduction of the NWEA MAP program

As the third installment of the data series discussions, Allison Byrd gave a presentation on NWEA MAP (Northwest Evaluation Association, Measures of Academic Progress). This program is used for grades three through twelve and provides measures of academic progress for students. It is computer adapted, and questions vary based on student responses. Ms. Byrd showed sample questions.

MAP testing is administered three times per year: fall, winter, and spring. It is untimed, but generally a student takes about 45 minutes to answer the multiple choice questions using a technology-enhanced drag and drop technique. The spring test is not always given; that decision varies from school to school. The test is given online and the score is available immediately.

The program has many uses. For example, results can be used to set goals for students, personalize learning, select materials, assign students to small groups, and communicate to parents about their child’s progress. It also is an alternative test that students can take for the third-grade guarantee [the state test required for a student to advance to fourth grade]. 

LWV Observer: Carol Spackey.

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