Forest Hill Swim Club—My summer home

Forest Hill Swim Club (Photo by Frank Mathias)

Most times when you hear people talk about spending the summer in Cleveland Heights, you hear the same remarks: “There’s nothing to do,” and, “When I’m older, I’m moving somewhere less boring.” Despite these common claims, I have never felt this way about my summer days here. This is because whenever I feel like I’m on the verge of being “bored,” I have a convenient place where I can go to change that. A place where I can spend my summer days and nights with my friends and family. A place where I can cool off, relax, and enjoy my dad’s famous grilled cheeseburgers. A place I call my summer home—more commonly known as, Forest Hills Swim Club (FHSC).

Located on Lee Boulevard, directly across from Forest Hills Park in Cleveland Heights, is my summer home. I have belonged to FHSC for almost 12 years, ever since I started kindergarten. Upon joining this private swim club, I immediately felt like I had been going there my whole life. People were more than welcoming, whether they were showing me the rules of the pool or loaning me a floaty to play with.

The members of FHSC were very willing to help, making the transition to a new swim club very easy. Compared to other pools I’ve been to in the past, pools where lifeguards are mean and no one is allowed to bring their own food, Forest Hills Pool felt like a new world, one that I had been deprived from my entire life.

Think to yourself: What pool allows you to grill food? Or sometimes swim until 10 p.m. at night? The only one that can possibly come to mind is FHSC.

In the end, I would never trade my summer days at FHSC for anything. No vacation is worth more than the countless laughs and wonderful memories I’ve made at this pool. Everyone knows everyone, and most importantly, everyone cares about everyone. It has allowed me to create relationships for which I will forever be grateful—it’s my family.

So the next time you find yourself in Cleveland Heights on a hot, summer day saying, “I’m bored,” just drive on down to FHSC, where there’s always a spot for someone new.

Kennedy Kostos

Kennedy Kostos is a lifelong Cleveland Heights resident and is currently a junior at Hathaway Brown H.S.

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Volume 12, Issue 5, Posted 1:27 PM, 05.08.2019