Carts or bags? CH task force takes on trash

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  • Blue bags and boxes may disappear from tree lawns in Cleveland Heights if a task force recommends an automated collection system for the city.

  • The Refuse and Recycling Task Force has six months to formulate major recommendations for Cleveland Heights, including whether to go to an automated cart system. (Left to right) Kelly Menaker, John Blackwell, Cathi Lehn, Carin Miller, and City Supervisor of Sanitation Tony Torres, who is acting as an advisor.

  • Refuse and Recycling Task Force Chairwoman Constance Johnson (left), Susan Clement, and eight other members have six months to make recommendations on whether Cleveland Heights should go to an automated cart system, and perhaps even privatize trash collection.

  • A Cleveland Heights worker tosses recycling into a truck. Forty cities in Cuyahoga County have gone to automated collection systems. A new city task force is looking at whether CH should join them.

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