CH seeks community input on new logo in survey open March 1827

The city of Cleveland Heights continues to refresh and redefine its brand identity, in an effort to capture the true spirit of the community and what it means to live, work and play here. As part of the city’s ongoing initiative, residents are being asked to give their input on the creative output.

The city has conducted extensive research to identify and craft a “brand story” for Cleveland Heights. The city heard from more than 1,000 individuals through one-on-one meetings, focus groups and a community survey to inform the brand story, which can be viewed on the Cleveland Heights brand website,

Now, the city is seeking additional feedback from residents and business owners to help determine which logo and tagline best capture the narrative.

The city’s Brand Steering Committee would like to hear from residents and others, to help inform the decision. A survey has been added to city's brand website, where residents can share their preference and make comments.

The survey, which should only take a few moments to complete, will be live March 18–27. Survey takers are asked to select the logo that best represents the qualities that make Cleveland Heights unique, and to review the city’s brand truths and narrative that were developed from community feedback.

Respondents are asked to keep in mind that a community brand is not merely a tagline or logo. It is the essence, or spirit, of the community that makes it distinct. A brand goes beyond artwork and advertising. It is the tone and shared language used to describe a city. How should potential residents, businesses or consumers view Cleveland Heights? What will make people take a first or second look? How does Cleveland Heights differentiate itself from other cities?

The Cleveland Heights logo designs have been narrowed down to three. The logos are quite different, and each comes with a descriptor that explains how the logo communicates the brand truths: Purposely Diverse, Nurturing Creativity, and Enduringly Charming.

As residents review the logos and taglines, they are asked to keep in mind the goals of the city’s branding effort. Cleveland Heights is seeking to:

  • Positively impact economic development by increasing visibility and awareness of the city, encouraging businesses and site selectors to consider the community.
  • Attract new visitors and increase spending in restaurants, pubs, retail stores, and other businesses.
  • Improve the community’s overall image to increase demand for housing.
  • Create a sense of community pride and engagement around a consistent brand identity.

Mary Trupo

Mary Trupo is director of communications and public engagement at the city of Cleveland Heights.

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Volume 12, Issue 4, Posted 10:03 AM, 03.18.2019