Relationship and sexual health center opens in University Heights

Ashley Grinonneau-Denton and Brian Denton have opened the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health in University Heights.

Psychotherapists and spouses Ashley Grinonneau-Denton and Brian Denton have opened the Ohio Center for Relationship & Sexual Health in the Waterstone Medical Building in University Heights.

The center's five clinicians, including professional counselors Megan Davis, Matt Lachman and Beth Thomas, offer talk therapy aimed at improving the sexual functioning of the clients it serves.

Previously, Grinonneau-Denton and Denton each operated their own private practices in the Cedar Fairmount Business District, for six and eight years, respectively. For their new venture, they looked throughout the Heights to find the right space for a multi-provider center.

“We knew we wanted to stay in this geographic region,” said Denton, “as it is a good draw from the surrounding communities.”

Partner Grinonneau-Denton shared her opinion that people from other communities are drawn to the Heights for this type of service, commenting, “People expect to find it here—people seek it out because it is in the Heights.”

Denton noted that the Heights is known for what he termed its “multicultural intersectionality of diversity.”

The Cleveland Heights residents sought a community and a building where the word “sexual” could be on the door. “Colleagues in other states have this issue. In our leasing, this was an essential question,” said Grinonneau-Denton.

Grinonneau-Denton acknowledged that there is often a misconception that sex therapy is sexual surrogacy. According to the center’s website, sex therapy is a form of talking therapy that is intended to help individuals and couples resolve sexual difficulties, many of which stem from anxiety or other issues.

In addition to talk therapy, the center provides supervision, consultation, and education for therapists and health professionals.

The center is designed, more than anything, to be a place that feels safe and open to people who may have felt marginalized in other therapeutic settings.

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Shari Nacson

Mostly a mom, Shari Nacson, is a freelance editor, social worker, and nonprofit consultant who makes her home in Cleveland Heights. 

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