Library launches new tech podcast

Technology Trainer Ann MacNamara.

Heights Libraries has launched a podcast aimed at making technology and online living a little less intimidating and a lot more fun. Called “Library Binary,” the monthly, half-hour show features Ann MacNamara and Alyse Giannotti, technology trainers at Heights Libraries, chatting about upcoming computer classes, new services, and technology news and trends.

It also features practical advice on common technology issues. The October show, for instance, offers advice on a common problem faced by smart phone users: how to manage the multitude of photos they take with their phones. The September show features a discussion on the potential dangers of sharing information on Facebook, and how users can safeguard their privacy.

The podcast is the latest way that the library’s continuing education staff is helping customers keep up with, and better understand, trends in technology. The format allows for an in-depth approach to topics.

“The idea came out of a conversation we had about how we can't cover every topic in the blog because the text-based format is limiting,” explained Giannotti. “The Tech Blog comes out once a month and we try our best to keep it relevant and informative but the simple fact is that it's not expansive enough for us to talk about all the things we want our customers to know about.”

The podcast is a natural outgrowth of the relationship between MacNamara and Giannotti. “When we previewed the podcast to staff the main comment we got back was that Ann and I have a really good rapport,” said Giannotti.

MacNamara agrees, and commented, “We are known around the office for our banter and similar interests. A podcast—whether for work or fun—was a logical extension of our ability to riff off of each other. It's fun to have a conversation about things we both enjoy and inform other people at the same time.”

In addition to providing helpful information through conversation, the podcast itself provides customers with an example of the kinds of projects they can do in the library’s publicly available Media Lab, which is where Giannotti and MacNamara produce “Library Binary.”

“We use the Media Lab at the Lee Road branch to create the show, since it features everything we need: microphones, audio editing software, and a nice sound-proof space to sit in,” said MacNamara. “Anyone can do what we’re doing with a little practice.”

The monthly podcast can be found at

Customers 18 and older can reserve the Media Lab at the Lee Road branch by calling 216-932-3600 ext. 1221. Reservations can be made for up to two hours per person per day. Users must present a photo ID and CLEVNET library card in good standing to use the room.

Sheryl Banks

Sheryl Banks is the communications manager for the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library System.

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