Show your pride in and gratitude for Heights schools

Michelle Gore is proud and grateful for the education her son, Grant Gober, receives at Cleveland Heights High School, especially the opportunity to participate on the award-winning robotics team.

November is gratitude month. CH-UH school administrators and staff work continuously to bolster the educational experience and academic success of each of their students. While there are always ways to improve, there is also much to celebrate.

We want to hear your statements of pride and gratitude about the Cleveland Heights-University Heights public schools. Please go to and complete the “Proud & Grateful” form. These statements will be compiled and shared on the Reaching Heights website, our Facebook page, and other media, to spread positive statements about the accomplishments of the students and staff of the CH-UH public schools.

Several Reaching Heights staff and board members shared statements of pride and gratitude for the community’s public schools:

"The school district played a huge role in helping my daughters become the intelligent, caring, successful leaders they are today. The 13 years they spent in CH-UH classrooms were academically challenging and surrounded them with a diverse group of dedicated teachers and lifelong friends."  Jen Vinson

"I am grateful that my son had the opportunity to be a member of the Heights High robotics team. I am proud that the team placed 1st and 2nd in the regional [competition] and placed 5th and 13th at the national level."  Michelle Gore

"My children are receiving a phenomenal education, rich in diversity, academic rigor and the arts. They are academically challenged by their peers, and their teachers care deeply about their students."  Joyce Roper

"I'm so grateful for Keith Newman's well-run high school stage crew and proud that my son has been part of the team that helps every high school musical production run smoothly."  Beth Woodside

"I am grateful that my children had the opportunity to take a combination of Advanced Placement courses, College Credit Plus classes, and career and technical education programs at Heights High. They were prepared and confident when they started college, which saved time and money."  Krista Hawthorne

"I am a proud and grateful CH-UH resident, alumna, former parent, and teacher." Tina Reynolds

"I am grateful for the life lessons my son learned from his Heights sports teams and especially from his coaches. Baseball came easy to him, but he had to work hard at cross-country. I’m most proud of his perseverance to make the ice hockey team in his junior year."  Linda Dudzinsky

"I'm proud of our students, who represent some of the best and brightest of the Heights community. And I'm grateful for the dedication and commitment of the entire district staff for making our schools safe and nurturing learning environments."  Lance Godard

Krista Hawthorne

Krista Hawthorne is executive director of Reaching Heights and a proud and grateful Heights Tiger.

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Volume 11, Issue 11, Posted 9:50 AM, 11.01.2018