CH can do better with garbage

As a new resident of Cleveland Heights but a real estate broker who has worked in areas from Sandusky to Solon, I get a pretty good idea of how each city differs from its neighbor.

The city of Cleveland Heights has a trash collection policy that is incredibly baffling to me. We throw our garbage bags on the tree lawn (do they still call it that?) and the animals pick at it for dinner leaving gaping holes in the bags which then are influenced by mother nature and—suddenly!—garbage everywhere!

In this day and age even Cleveland knows it is best to use garbage cans. The use of modern garbage trucks is much less labor intensive, saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in payroll.

Now I know towns like Cleveland Heights love to dole out jobs to the locals kids and saving jobs is taboo in high tax cities like this, but do we really need to have our garbage collected in such an arcane manner?

Using modern garbage lift trucks doesn’t just make things move along more quickly; it looks more community friendly when there are matching garbage cans on the lawns on garbage day. It keeps the animals out and the garbage in, and it discourages raccoon life. Now very few people love animals more than I, but feeding them just seems like a bad idea to me.

Let’s talk about identity theft. If the right kind of my personal material was left in a garbage bag and someone walking by sees an opportunity, they may get some credit card information or more out of my exposed garbage.

It is much less likely someone would go through cans to find personal information, and if they did it would be very obvious to the neighbors.

Let’s consider my back. Those little vertebrae that run up and down my spine would really appreciate me walking out a garbage can on wheels instead of carrying heavy garbage bags down the driveway to be dumped in view of everyone driving by.

I know the politicians need jobs for their nephews and nieces of a different name, and they want to keep as many garbage men on the job as possible, but can we please try to catch up with proactive cities like Cleveland and start using modern garbage cans and trucks?

Tom Diamond

Tom Diamond

Tom Diamond is a real estate broker and firefighter from Cleveland, and father of two.

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Volume 11, Issue 6, Posted 4:05 PM, 06.01.2018