Dewey's Decimators again win Reaching Heights Spelling Bee

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  • Dewey's Decimators Chris Mentrek, Victor Rosenberg and Susan Marshall proudly display the Big Plastic Bee Trophy, with Krista Hawthorne (at right), director of Reaching Heights. Courtesy of ReachingHeights.

  • Reaching Heights Adult Community Spelling Bee Trophy waits to be claimed by one of the 23 bee teams.

  • Pronouncer, Cynthia Booker who teaches Digital Video & Television Production at Heights High with Krista Hawthorne, Executive director of Reaching Heights.

  • Heights High percussionists parade the spelling bee teams into the auditorium to start the event.

  • Master of Ceremonies, Steve Presser in his letter jacket is on stage at the newly renovated Heights High with the 2018 spelling bee teams.

  • The Coventry Word Outlaws, Ben Rossa, Cynthia Larsen, and Suzanne DeGaetano sing the spelling of their word to be forgiven for one spelling error.

  • Ain't Mis-BEE-havin' is the bee team representing Noble Elementary School's PTA with spellers PTA Member, Leslie Tyson, Principal Rachael Coleman, and Family Engagement Coordinator, Lisa Hunt.

  • The Boulevard Real Spellers, Lee Zickel, Marc Lefkowitz, and Nat Morehouse sing their spelling to survive another round.

  • The Winners again!

  • New team, G.I.R.L. Scouts, dressed as superheroes and made it through three rounds in the 2018 competition.

  • Gearity's Got Game had a great team with Principal Katrina Hicks, PTA President Lyneesha Hamilton, teacher Harron Hartig, and South Euclid Councilman Marty Gelfand.

  • The Mayors team: Jane Goodman, South Euclid Councilperson, representing Mayor Georgann Welo; Carol Roe, Mayor of Cleveland Heights;and Michael Dylan Brennan, Mayor of University Heights.

  • Cleveland Heights Teachers Union team of 2 - teachers Karen Rego and Fiona Connor.

  • Reaching Heights Board Secretary, Joyce Roper works with Heights students to pull the winning tickets for the beautiful raffle baskets!

  • The Heights High Women Barbershoppers performed at the 4th Round Break for an appreciative audience.

  • Bee fans!

  • The BUZZwords from Noble Elementary School came prepared for the Music Round - Round 3.

  • Don't let the name fool you: the Know Knothings tied for 4th place this year.

  • The Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN) sent Issa Augustin-Glave, Nick Munford, and Treasure Eiland to compete at the Bee. 

  • Heights Middle & Rox El PTAs joined forces this year.

  • The VIP Bee Judges - Nancy Levin, Bob Swaggard, and Alisa Lawson-McKinnie.

  • Phairfax Spellurz sang their way through Round 3!

  • Pres-Bee Spellers from Forest Hill Church finished tied for 3rd place with the Barratrous Orthographers representing Squire, Patton & Boggs!

  • Steve Presser follows the competition closely.

  • TCO (Totally Classy Orthographers) represent the staff of The Cleveland Orchestra.

  • Upper Case representing Case Western Reserve University with spellers Lynn Singer, Walter Lambrecht, and Pat Crago, raised more than $1700 becoming the Fundraising Champion again this year.

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