Tiger Shop reopens at Heights High

The Sept. 10 community open house at Cleveland Heights High School brought thousands of people to the school, and many of them made purchases at the Tiger Shop.

Laura Stuart-Lilley, transition coordinator at Heights High, and others who staffed the shop were swamped, with people purchasing T-shirts, sweatshirts, glassware, key chains, book bags, teddy bears and more.

The Tiger Shop is located in a new space in the renovated front hall of the high school, and offers school supplies as well as Heights-themed gear. Students from marketing classes and the work lab operate the shop. They do the inventory and ordering, create the displays, and handle the sales transactions.

That is the way the shop ran for many years, before its operation shifted away from student involvement. The Tiger Shop is now back at the high school, and provides excellent experiences for all students involved. In addition, all proceeds from the shop’s sales benefit scholarships for students.

At the open house, staffers were gratified to see the response from community members and Heights High alumni, who were greeting one another and comparing years of graduation, turning the open house into something of a big Heights High reunion.

The Tiger Shop will be open throughout the school year on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

It will open on Oct. 7, at 10 a.m., during the tour of the high school offered during Heights High’s Homecoming weekend.

The shop will also be open during parent-teacher conference nights in November.

Mary Sickbert

Mary Sickbert is a retired CH-UH district teacher and a longtime resident of the Heights area. She volunteered at the Tiger Shop on Sept. 10.

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Volume 10, Issue 10, Posted 12:26 PM, 10.01.2017