University Heights City Council meeting highlights 9-5-2017


  • Public comments
  • Heights High Pool
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Home demolition application
  • Fund transfer
  • Firehouse renovations
  • Adding agenda items
  • Amending definitions
  • Planning commission meetings
  • University Square property
  • Special assessments and fees
  • Yard service fines
  • Tax levies
  • Bids accepted
  • Library reopens in October
  • Swenson’s breaks ground

Present were Mayor Susan Infeld and Vice Mayor Susan Pardee, and council members Pamela Cameron, Philip Ertel, John Rach, Michele Weiss and Mark Wiseman. Also present were Amy Hamilton, sitting in for Law Director Luke McConville; William Sheehan, finance director; and Kelly Thomas, clerk of council. The meeting was held from 7:02 to 11:04 p.m.

Public comments

John Carroll University students: A Warrensville Center Road resident said rowdy students are keeping her up at night. Councilman Ertel encouraged the resident to continue to call the police, and Mayor Infeld said the city plans to hire an additional community policing officer.

In-home wig business: The owner of a wig shop on South Green Road said an in-home wig business, which has been granted a one-year special permit, is affecting her profits and livelihood. Mayor Infeld said the boutique owner’s concerns will be addressed when the permit is up for renewal.

Firefighters’ union: Keith Kanner, the union representative for IFF Firefighters 974, expressed disappointment that the union’s grievances, aired during public comments earlier this year, have not been addressed by the mayor or Councilman Ertel. Ertel, who chairs the safety committee, said the law director advised council not to communicate with the union because it is in contract negotiations with the union.

Heights High Pool

The mayor reported that Heights High has a new swimming pool, and the city of Cleveland Heights is offering swim classes and open swim to the Heights community. Look for more information in the next University Heights newsletter.

Sidewalk repair

The mayor also reported that the sidewalk and curbs at the intersection of Cedar and Taylor roads will be replaced and tightened over the next two weeks.

Home demolition application

Council tabled a motion to approve an application to demolish a home at 4174 Hadleigh Road until Law Director McConville weighs in.

General fund transfer

Council approved the transfer of funds from the general fund to the street ($5,000), street lighting ($20,000), capital projects ($500,000), police pension ($200,000) and fire pension ($200,000) funds.

Firehouse renovations

Council tabled a motion to approve the transfer of $22,000 for firehouse renovations from the capital improvement fund to the general fund, saying that the mayor exceeded her $5,000 spending authority. Council asked the mayor to itemize the costs involved.

Agenda items

Council presented an ordinance on first reading that would allow any council member to add agenda items to the council meeting agenda.

Amending definitions

Council presented an ordinance on first reading amending the definition of the term “post” to include “online posting.”

Planning commission meetings

Council presented an ordinance on first reading establishing a regularly scheduled monthly planning commission meeting. The mayor would have the ability to cancel the meeting if there is no business to discuss.

University Square property

Council approved an ordinance, presented on emergency, authorizing the finance director to file a report on abatement of special assessments for University Square.

Special assessments and fees

Council approved three ordinances, presented on emergency. The first levies a special assessment on all designated properties served by streetlights at the rate of 70 cents per front foot. Second, council established a sewer fund through which the city will charge homeowners: $78 for a one-family home and $156 for a two-family home. Third, council approved an assessment of 80 cents per front foot for maintenance of the city’s shade trees in the tree lawn.

Yard service fines

Council approved two ordinances, on emergency, related to yard citations. The first established fines for city-directed yard work at properties cited for yard conditions. Property owners will be charged $100 for the first offense, and $200 for the second. In the second ordinance, council approved the removal of a tree at a vacant property at 3886 Silsby Road. The cost will be added to the homeowner’s property tax bill.

Tax levies

Council presented a resolution, on first reading, accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county fiscal offices.

Bids accepted

Council accepted Greenleaf Group’s bid of $73,884 for the 2017 fall tree planting project, and Frank Novack & Sons’ bid of $32,900 to paint the bathhouse at Purvis Park.

Library reopens in October

The University Heights Library, scheduled to reopen in late August, is now scheduled to open in early October.

Swenson’s breaks ground

Swenson’s, which will begin breaking ground at Cedar and South Green roads next week, is expected to open by the end of December.

LWV Observer: Siobhan Leftwich.

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