Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights 9-5-2017


  • Public comments
  • New refuse transfer trailer
  • Banking services
  • Public service plan for Coventry Village
  • Tax proceeds

All council members were in attendance: Mayor Cheryl L. Stephens, Vice Mayor Jason Stein, Mary Dunbar, Kahlil Seren, Carol Roe, Michael N. Ungar and Melissa Yasinow.

Public comments

Neighborhood concern: Pat Frost-Brook of Bainbridge Road showed a sign advertising to buy homes, and explained that people in her neighborhood have been approached about selling their homes. Council discussed her concerns and City Manager Tanisha Briley recommended calling the planning department to take any signs down, saying she preferred that residents not call the police in order to save their time and energy for other work. The city will investigate Frost-Brook’s concerns.

Climate change statement: Resident Patricia Funk complimented Council Member Dunbar on the statement she made at the July 27 council meeting about climate change, underlining her strong agreement with Dunbar about the urgency of dealing with climate change. However, she also agrees that council has too many local issues and responsibilities already and, therefore, should not adopt climate as council’s official concern.

CDC (Community Development Corporation): Representing the Housing Task Force of Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC), resident Melanie Hart strongly recommended that the city begin work to form a working group to develop a CDC. Resident Diana Woodbridge also spoke in favor of moving forward with the work required to form a CDC. Woodbridge, chair of GCC’s Housing Task Force, called upon her past experience as head of the Home Repair Resource Center to support the need for the CDC.

Traffic concerns: Lee Barbee of Hereford Road, representing the Forest Hill Trustees’ Association, requested either a stop sign or the posting of a 25-mile-an-hour sign at Stuart and Hereford roads. People are using it as a cut-through to Taylor Road.

New refuse transfer trailer

Council gave City Manager Briley permission to replace a 75-cubic-yard refuse transfer trailer.

Banking services

Council gave Briley permission to issue a proposal for banking services.

Public service plan for Coventry Village

Through several pieces of legislation, council approved the implementation of the Coventry Village SID (Special Improvement District) through an assessment of a public service plan and authorizing an agreement for disbursal of funds from the assessment.

Tax proceeds

Council accepted the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission, authorizing the necessary tax levies, and certifying them to the County Fiscal Officer. Council requested the County Fiscal Officer to advance taxes from the proceeds for the 2017 tax year.

LWV Observer: Carol Gibson.

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