Volunteers organize to care for Cedar Lee mini park

(click photo to enlarge)

  • Micah Kirman (left) and Sruti Basu from FutureHeights pull weeds from a mini park planting bed. Ann Cicarella photo.

  • Cicarella's vision is to beautify the park with native plants and other species that support the local ecosystem. This view of the mini-park from last sping could be considered a "before" shot. Ann Cicarella photo.

  • A pollinator-friendly Heights garden. Ann Cicarella photo.

  • An informational sign will tell passers by one reason these specific plants are here.

  • This garden contains Dalea purpurea, Liatris s. ‘Kobold’, Eupatorium perfoliatum, and Heleium “Moerheim Beauty', species that attract and provide cover for native bees, honey bees, butterflies, and birds (they eat the seed heads for subsequent redistribution). Hans Van Horssen photo.

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