Cleveland Heights adopts Master Plan

Cleveland Heights City Council voted unanimously on March 20 to adopt a new Master Plan as a long-term guide for the community’s development and revitalization.

The 250-page plan was prepared by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission during a 16-month period that included three community meetings attended by about 230 people. At its March 20 meeting, CH City Council committed to begin implementing the plan immediately.

Among the plan’s more noteworthy recommendations are the following:

Mayfield Corridor Innovation District. As part of a strategy to increase jobs and tax revenues, the plan proposes targeting the Mayfield Road corridor as an “innovation district,” building on its connection to University Circle and re-using some of the corridor’s currently under-utilized buildings.

Severance Town Center Redevelopment. The plan supports citizen recommendations to redevelop Severance Town Center as a mixed-use and walkable area consistent with the character of Cleveland Heights.

Hub for Arts. The plan advocates use of the city’s arts venues and organizations as catalysts for neighborhood revitalization.

Attracting Families. As part of a strategy to make Cleveland Heights a more family-friendly place, the plan suggests holding more events oriented to families with children.

Preservation. The plan recommends amending the city’s zoning regulations to require review and approval of proposed demolitions of architecturally significant buildings.

Community Development Corporation. The plan encourages the city to partner with a nonprofit community development organization to help spearhead the plan’s implementation. FutureHeights has offered to fill that role in Cleveland Heights.

The Master Plan estimates the cost of various recommendations, identifies grant opportunities to provide some of the required funding, and prioritizes the recommendations with respect to the timing of their implementation.

Twelve local citizens served on a steering committee that guided development of the plan: Jeanne Diamond, Ken Dowell, Mike Gaynier, Kristin Hopkins, Howard Maier, Allison McCallum, Chuck Miller, William C. Mitchell, Yovan Radivoyevitsh, Eric Silverman, Saroya Queen Tabor and Julia Kious Zabell.

The complete Master Plan can be found on the Cleveland Heights website, under the Planning & Development Department, at

Robert Brown

Robert Brown is a city planner with 40 years of experience, including nine years as Cleveland's city planning director. He has been a resident of Cleveland Heights for more than 40 years and recently joined the FutureHeights Board of Directors.

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