Early childhood educator to speak at Jan. 19 forum on education reform

Trying to make sense of the myriad educational reforms taking place in the country today is a daunting task. Sound bites on the news, posts on social media, and competing articles in various newspapers create a virtual smokescreen that chokes out the reality of the classroom and true educational research. Pundits, political donors, and legislators in the limelight seem to draw attention away from what is really happening to our young learners as they and their schools continue to be labeled according to the results of standardized test scores.  

As part of its ongoing mission to inform the community about current issues in education, the Heights Coalition for Public Education will hold its next Speaker’s Forum on Thursday Jan. 19, in the cafeteria at the Wiley Campus of Heights High, 7–9 p.m.

Cleveland State University (CSU) professor Karl F. Wheatley, Ph.D., will present “Taking Back Our Public Schools: Escaping Market Myths and Doing What Works Best for Children, Democracy, and Our World.”

Wheatley will discuss “big-picture education,” covering topics such as meaningful curricula, authentic assessment, and trustworthy research and evidence. Attendees will also receive information on advocacy, acceptance, and facilitating healthy changes.

Scenarios and role-play will provide audience members an opportunity to garner skills necessary to discuss current issues of school reform with administrators, school board members, city officials and legislators.

Residents of all communities are invited to attend. Free childcare will be provided, with advance reservation (call 216-321-0020).

Pre-reading materials are available on the Heights Coalition Web page (www.chuh.net/coalition) under the "Events" tab.  

Wheatley has been a pre-K–3 teacher/educator and educational researcher at CSU since 1994, and directs the school's early childhood teacher education program.

He is a staunch supporter of public education and a fierce critic of recent corporate-style education policies, including high-stakes testing, standardization, and privatization. He is currently writing a book titled Revolutionizing Education and Society: A Progressive Vision for Quality Education and a Healthy, Sustainable World.

Dan Bobeczko

Dan Bobeczko is a resident of University Heights and a 22-year veteran elementary school teacher with the Garfield Heights City Schools. He has a master's degree in elementary administration and a Ph.D. in urban education policy from CSU, and is a member of the Heights Coalition for Public Education and Northeast Ohio Friends of Public Education.

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Volume 10, Issue 1, Posted 11:44 AM, 01.03.2017