Trump visits Cleveland Heights; Heights residents speak up

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  • CH Mayor Cheryl Stephens (center) addresses the crowd. State Rep. Janine Boyd is at right. [photos by Deanna Bremer Fisher]

  • Cuayhoga County Councilmember Anthony Hairston speaks.

  • Chief Mecklenberg helps calm the situation after a heated discussion between two members of the crowd.

  • Two members of the crowd engage in a heated exchange.

  • Several elected representatives planned a press conference following the event at New Spirit Revival Center.

  • Representative Janine Boyd addresses the crowd.

  • Cleveland Heights resident Mary Pat Jolivette attended the protest with her two sons, who are supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

  • Cleveland Heights Mayor Cheryl Stephens speaks.

  • Protesters lined Mayfield Road across the street from New Spirit Revival Center.

  • Protesters make their opinions known.

  • Protesters look across to New Spirit Revival Center where Donald Trump held a "town hall" meeting.

  • Protesters lined the street across from the New Spirit Revival Center.

  • A crowd of protesters gathers across the street from New Spirit Revival Center.

  • Shawn Paul Salon owner Shawn Paul Gustafson (right) voices his opinion.

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