LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS / Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education meeting highlights [online 9-6-2016]


  • Public comments
  • Counselor evaluation policy
  • Summer school
  • High school renovation change orders
  • Program of requirements
  • Buses
  • Middle schools’ renovation
  • Donations
  • Charter schools
  • In-school tutoring
  • Clock tower

Board Member Eric Silverman was absent.

Public comments

School levy: A representative from Citizens for Our Heights Schools expressed his opinion on why the November school levy should be supported. He cited the many educational options and great courses and programs, including career tech and impressive AP programs. He said the district is working hard in trying to be fiscally responsible, and that strong schools attract residents.

Counselor evaluation policy

Paul Lombardo, the district’s human resources director, presented the second reading of the standard-based school counselor evaluation policy. He said the policy was in line with the teacher evaluation policy.

Summer school

Felisha Gould, assistant superintendent, gave a comprehensive summer school report. She noted that the summer school program addressed two strategic goals: increasing the graduation rate to 90 percent and closing the achievement gap. The summary included:

  • The 190 enrolled high school students took blended (in-classroom and online) classes; eight students failed. Of the 190, 33 students needed to pass the Ohio Graduation Test. A fee of $100 was charged per class. Financial help was available.
  • Of 133 middle school students enrolled in the program, 13 failed.
  • Of 101 elementary school students enrolled in the program, eight failed.
  • A summer program for Boulevard, Noble, and Oxford elementary schools successfully advanced those students to the next grade.
  • Summer enrichment was available for English language learners.
  • An AP (Advanced Placement) boot camp for 33 students developed effective study habits and time management [skills].

High school renovation change orders

The board approved change orders totaling $784,332 in increased expenses and a $254,368 credit. The PMC/Regency team explained that the change orders included unforeseen existing conditions involving brickwork support, added code requirements for aluminum windows, installing an auxiliary sound system in the gym, and adjusting a design clarification to include fritted glass panels in the pool area. The change order credit was for e-rate rebates received to fund cabling and network electronics. [E-rate is a federal program that provides discounts of up to 90 percent to help eligible schools and libraries in the U.S. obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.]

The company said the school will be a world-class structure and finish on time. The classrooms are large with well-lit spaces.

Program of requirements

The board approved a recommendation for the Roxboro and Monticello middle schools program of requirements.


The board approved bus routes and bus purchases for the 2016–17 school year. The best, most efficient, bus routes were drawn.

Middle schools’ renovation

The educational space of the middle school renovation was discussed. Board President Kal Zucker commented that he wanted the dollars used wisely and to lower the number of change order submissions.


The board accepted the following donations:

  • $622.22 to Canterbury Elementary School
  • An evaporation cooler to Canterbury Elementary School
  • $8,600 to Fairfax Elementary School
  • Art supplies to Monticello Middle School
  • $315 to Heights High
  • Neckties to Heights High

Charter schools

Board Vice President Ronald Register said that the resolution sent to the state concerning monies to charter schools was moving forward with other districts that are responding.

In-school tutoring

Reaching Heights is promoting in-school tutoring and role model speakers. Information is on the Reaching Heights website: http://www.reachingheights.org.

Clock tower

The Cleveland Heights High School Alumni Foundation has donated money for the clock tower.

LWV Observer: Lillian Houser.

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