LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS / Cleveland Heights University Heights Board of Education meeting highlights [online 8-2-2016]

AUGUST 2, 2016

  • Field trip
  • NEOLA policies
  • Personnel
  • Change orders
  • Middle school track improvement
  • Other bids
  • Donations
  • Coventry lease

All board members were present.

Field trip

The board approved the Options program field trip to Johannesburg and King William’s Town, South Africa, March 22–31, 2017. Monies will be raised for this field trip.

NEOLA policies

The board approved the NEOLA [formerly known as the North East Ohio Learning Associates] changes on a third reading. Before the vote, there was a discussion of the religious holiday celebrations and what are approved decorations. Comments were also raised about the language of the equity tool that tried to explain that race is not tied to achievement, and that there are different challenges among all students.


The board approved retirements, resignations, appointments, change of status, re-appointment of certified/licensed staff, name change, extended time, and a resolution to suspend an employee without pay. The board has called back all but 15 of the 52 laid-off teachers.

Change orders

The board approved three more change orders for the high school renovation project totaling $355,698. A representative from PMC/Regency explained the change orders as due to:

  • Existing unforeseen conditions, which include some duct work in the floor of the old building and new foundation work to correct for shale that may lack the proper weight-bearing capacity
  • Permit or code requirements, which include having a structural steel elevator of the correct capacity
  • Design clarifications and corrections, which include purchasing an elevator that would fit into the elevator shaft

The board questioned the number of change orders and the PMC/Regency representative explained that old buildings tend to have many unforeseen conditions.

Middle school track improvement

The board approved the July 27 bid for the track improvement project at Roxboro and Monticello middle schools. The tracks will be open during the middle school renovations.

Other bids

The board approved recommendations for the July 27 bid for the district parking lot and sealcoating project, which includes Roxboro and Monticello middle schools and Milliken.

The board renewed the IT service agreement with Epiphany management group.


The board approved accepted a donation of $52.15 to Noble Elementary School.

Coventry lease

The board approved the lease agreements for Coventry School with the Cleveland Heights High School Alumni Foundation. This lease agreement was tabled last month due to a lack of quorum. Board member Eric Silverman and Kal Zucker, board president, had to abstain because of their involvement with the alumni association.

LWV Observer: Lillian Houser.

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