LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS / Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights [online 7-5-2016]

JULY 5, 2016

  • Public comments
  • Bonds issued
  • Cedar Road paving and streetscape project

Council Members Mary Dunbar and Michael N. Ungar were absent.

Public comments

Traffic light study near Noble Elementary School and Noble Neighborhood Library: Six residents living near the intersection of Mayfield Road with Ardoon and Middleton roads where a traffic light is being “studied for removal” spoke about the study. Marcie Denton, Ella Watterson (age 9), Faith Susanna Hinkleman, Damian Junk, Melissa Fleigel and Kermit Gable expressed concern about schoolchildren and other pedestrians crossing to go to the school, its playground or the library. They said that the extra walk to Noble Road, where there is a [traffic] light, might tempt people to jaywalk. They also noted that the route involves walking past a large empty lot that may be scary for youngsters. The study seems to have been done some time ago, and other crosswalk lights along Mayfield are being studied as well. The speakers wondered if the city is obligated to follow a state recommendation to remove a light or whether re-programming or upgrading would be possible, such as blinking during certain hours or buttons for pedestrians to control the light. Council members listened intently and Mayor Cheryl Stephens referred the matter to the city manager. Information on the traffic study was published in a Cleveland.com article, “’Study’ of traffic light removal on Cleveland Heights school, library route draws concern.

Resident Linda Butler spoke about the Top of the Hill project at Cedar Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard, and her concern that energy efficient and “green energy” principles be followed. She suggested Sustainable Heights as a good advisory group for this project.

Resident Pat Paoletta expressed concern about lax standards of use for the picnic pavilion in Cumberland Park. He has observed that it has not been monitored and, because no parking is nearby, cars drove through the park to the pavilion. Amplified music was allowed until 9 p.m. He suggested that higher fees to reserve the structure might help. This matter was referred to the city manager, Park and Recreation Department and the Police Department.

Paoletta also mentioned concerns about the exterior appearance of many businesses, including accumulated trash and weeds and the state of abandoned structures. He wondered about what is being done to attract new businesses and to fine negligent owners. This was referred to the city manager’s office.

Kermit Gable claimed that the Cuyahoga Land Bank has 41 properties listed in Cleveland Heights. He volunteers with the Christian Housing Improvement Program, which wants to obtain homes to rehabilitate for veterans and their families, but is having difficulty with the land bank. Mayor Stephens will meet with him soon.

Bonds issued

Council approved the issuance of bonds, not to exceed $1.7 million for the following purposes:

  • Reconstructing and resurfacing city streets, $125,000
  • Rebuilding Monticello Boulevard and Taylor Road, $195,000
  • Buying motorized equipment, $1,124,000
  • Buying computer hardware and equipment, $71,000
  • Improving the city’s water system by constructing and installing water lines, $185,000

Cedar Road paving and streetscape project

Council authorized an agreement with GDP Group for administration and inspection services for the Cedar Road resurfacing and Cedar-Fairmount streetscape project, with compensation not to exceed $238,900. The funds will be raised through the issuance of tax-exempt notes or bonds.

LWV Observer: Blanche B. Valancy.

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