Beaumont School senior selected for ocean research program

Crista Kieley

[Photo courtesy of Anne Jarrad.]

Crista Kieley, a member of Beaumont School’s class of 2017, will sail aboard Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus during its 2016 expedition. As an Honors Research Program student, Kieley will join the Corps of Exploration aboard Nautilus in August as they explore the California Margin, a broad area within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) that remains largely unexplored and is crisscrossed by seismically active faults.

Kieley is among 22 students and 17 educators from around the world who were selected by the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) to participate in the 2016 Nautilus Exploration Program expedition. OET, a nonprofit founded by Titanic shipwreck discoverer Robert Ballard in 2008, explores the ocean, seeking out new discoveries in the fields of geology, biology, maritime history, archaeology, physics and chemistry, while pushing the boundaries of STEM education and technological innovation.

“One of the major goals of our Nautilus Exploration Program is to inspire the next generation of explorers in STEM fields,” said Allison Fundis, OET’s vice president of education, outreach and communications. “We are very excited to provide educators and students with the direct experience of ocean exploration, while allowing them the opportunity to share that experience with their peers around the world.”

Kieley will participate in live audio commentary and question-and-answer sessions through the Nautilus Live website ( while aboard the ship. Global audiences can tune in to the website, Facebook or Instagram at NautilusLive, and on Twitter at @EVNautilus to follow the expedition.

Anne Jarrad

Anne Jarrad is vice president of institutional advancement for Beaumont School.

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