LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS / Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education meeting highlights [online 4-19-2016]

APRIL 19, 2016

  • Elementary school buildings assessment
  • High school building assessment
  • Middle school buildings assessment

All board members were present.

Elementary school buildings assessment

Taylor Construction did an assessment of the elementary school buildings and developed a 10-year plan. Although renovation is planned, existing problems must be addressed before they worsen. The earliest that elementary school renovation can begin is 2022.

Renovation and improvement of the playgrounds were also prioritized. Board Member Eric Silverman asked Superintendent Talisa Dixon to determine whether the city can assist financially.

High school building assessment

BSHM Architects presented pros and cons concerning the type of glass to be used for windows in the two gyms and the natatorium. They considered sunlight, time of day and exterior elevation. Fritted glass costs $80,000 more than translucent. Translucent glass would allow people outside the building to see in and make the building more inviting.

Some materials from the original building were used for the main entry on the Goodnor Road side of the building. Discussion arose as to how the brick would be used.

Clock tower renovations will cost $260,000 above the estimate provided. The estimate was based on replacing some wood, and painting. It now has been determined that the clock must be historically rebuilt. Silverman reminded the board that the Cleveland Heights High School Alumni Association would pay $100,000 and is working on obtaining other large donations.

Silverman and Board Member James Posch are now on a committee to work with the construction companies.

Middle school buildings assessment

Costs were presented for renovation and replacement of Roxboro and Monticello middle schools. Costs for buildings with a 550 student capacity or a 710 student capacity were compared. Both schools will have two gyms and an auditorium. Construction is scheduled to start in late summer of 2017.

LWV Observer: Adele Cohn.

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