Rockiní the tie at Heights High

Early College students, freshman Nicholas Munford (left) and senior Eric Adeyemon, in the school library.

Heights High hosted a Tie Day on March 3, encouraging students and staff to wear a tie in school. Some students came to school wearing a tie and some stopped by the Tie Station before school to pick out a tie or learn how to tie the classic fashion accessory.

The Tie Station featured nearly 100 donated ties. Several staff members were on hand to help students with the Windsor knot.

The idea for Tie Day was suggested by senior Darwin Scott. “I love to wear a suit and tie,” he said. “It makes me feel confident and proud.” Several weeks ago, he suggested to Principal Zoraba Ross that everyone should wear a tie for a day.

“I loved that idea,” said Ross. “And I asked Darwin to write an announcement about it, and from there we created a plan!”

Patrick Gleba, American Sign Language teacher, suggested the Tie Station. “I know how long it took me to learn to tie a bow tie,” he said. “Learning to tie a tie is an important skill that both men and women might want to learn.”

Ross reported that Tie Day was so popular that it may become a regular event.

Joy Henderson

Joy Henderson is the parent/community liaison for Heights High.

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Volume 9, Issue 4, Posted 1:23 PM, 03.28.2016