LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS / Cleveland Heights – University Heights Board of Education meeting highlights [online 1-19-2016]

JANUARY 19, 2016

  • Middle school renovations
  • Board committee assignments

All board members were present.

Middle school renovations

The board was given an overview of the middle school phase of the school district facilities project. The time frame for this phase is for Monticello and Roxboro middle schools to be completely renovated and ready for student occupancy by August 2019.

Contractors: Representatives of the companies working on the project introduced themselves and their companies. Anne Hartman, executive project manager from the design firm Moody Nolan, said that Moody Nolan has worked in 105 school districts, has nine staff members in its Cleveland office, and believes in sustainability and community input. Doug Lancashire, of the Osborn Engineering Company, said his Cleveland-based company specializes in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technical work with a focus on sustainable design. The Coniglio Company, represented by Gwenay Reaze-Coniglio, and Ozanne Construction Company, represented by Fred Rodgers, are EDGE firms (Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity) which will help the district reach its goals of minority participation in the facilities project.

Assessment process: Project teams are assessing current conditions in the two buildings. They are familiarizing themselves with the community and the curriculum in the belief that program drives design. They will seek input from district administrators, hold visioning sessions with Monticello and Roxboro staff and students, and confer with current third graders, who will comprise the first class to occupy the renovated schools. Two design charrettes for the public will occur in late February or March.

LEED: The project leaders stressed their goals of staying within the budget as well as energy efficiency and use of durable materials. The design team is experienced in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The high school project is currently on track for LEED silver certification, the level that most school projects aim to achieve. Reduction of energy use is one of the highest goals in LEED certification, but energy-saving options can be expensive. Decisions affecting cost will be decided by the board. In past projects, designers have combined innovative sustainability elements with older, tried-and-true energy-efficient elements. All elements will be designed at the same time via software, so they can be considered together in order to avoid changes as the project proceeds.

During discussion, board members emphasized the importance to the CH-UH community of sustainability, minority participation and communication.

Board committee assignments

The following board committee assignments were made:

  • District calendar: Eric Silverman
  • Cleveland Heights Recreation Board: Jim Posch and Beverly Wright
  • Lay Finance Committee: Ron Register and Jim Posch
  • Minority Student Achievement Network: Kal Zucker and Ron Register
  • PTA: Kal Zucker and Jim Posch or Beverly Wright
  • Reaching Heights: Kal Zucker and Jim Posch or Beverly Wright
  • Treasurer Pro-Tem: Jim Posch
  • Career Tech: Kal Zucker and Ron Register
  • Safety and Security: Eric Silverman

LWV Observer: Nancy Dietrich.

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