LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS / Cleveland Heights City Council meeting highlights [online 1-19-2016]

JANUARY 19, 2016 

  • Ruffing Montessori School students observe council
  • Rezoning residential parcels
  • Bids and requests for qualifications
  • County sewer maintenance services
  • New police chief
  • “Inspired to Ride” documentary
  • Citizen appointments to architectural board
  • Issue 32 hearing

All council members were present.

Ruffing Montessori School students observe council

Mayor Cheryl Stephens recognized two seventh-grade students from Ruffing Montessori School who were observing the meeting.

Rezoning residential parcels

The city has received a petition to rezone two parcels from residential to commercial as part of a development plan proposed for the site of the Center Mayfield Building.

Bids and requests for qualifications

Council granted authority to the city manager to obtain bids for sand, gravel and limestone; and also to issue two requests for qualifications: the first for building inspection and plan review services, and the second for executive search firms to recruit an economic development director.

County sewer maintenance services

Council authorized an agreement with Cuyahoga County for services that will help maintain the city’s sanitary and storm sewers and catch basins at a price less than that charged by a private company. The agreement will expire Dec. 31, and the total amount to be paid by the city shall not exceed $300,000.

New police chief

Kahlil Seren, chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee, congratulated Annette Mecklenburg on her appointment as the city’s next police chief, succeeding Jeffrey Robertson, who is retiring. She will be sworn in Feb. 1.

“Inspired to Ride” documentary

Council Member Mary Dunbar noted that the Heights Bicycle Coalition is sponsoring a showing of “Inspired to Ride,” a documentary about the inaugural TransAm Bike Race, held in 2014 on the TransAmerica Trail. The film will be shown at Strosacker Auditorium, on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, Feb. 4.

Citizen appointments to architectural board

Council approved the following appointments to the Architectural Board of Review: new member Michael Wellman for a two-year term (Jan. 19, 2016–Dec. 1, 2017); reappointment of Rich Bosick for an additional one-year term (Jan. 19, 2016–Dec. 31, 2016); and alternate Eric Lund for a two-year term (Jan. 19, 2016–Dec. 1, 2017).

Issue 32 hearing

Mayor Stephens noted that, in keeping with the passage of Issue 32 in November 2013, a public hearing will be held Jan.21 in the council chamber regarding the political influence of corporate entities.

LWV Observer: Katherine Solender

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