Cedar Lee restaurants seek fast-track approval for parking plan

To the Editor:

As owner of Tavern Company and an active member of the Cedar Lee Special Improvement District, I’m particularly interested in the economic sustainability of the Cedar Lee Business District. After observing the area and analyzing online reviews placed by visitors to Cedar Lee, it has become clear that parking during the weekend is a major concern. If visitors experience difficulty or are unable to find parking, they are inclined to keep driving and patronize another business district elsewhere.

I and several other Cedar Lee business owners have developed a plan to improve the visitor experience on Lee Road through the addition of a valet parking zone along the street.

Rather than look to our local government for a solution, I and my fellow business owners have devised a plan that we think will work for the entire district, and we are willing to fully finance and implement it.

We have the support and participation of eight business owners in the district and continue to seek the support of others. What we now need is a fast-track review of our plan by our local government, in order to implement it in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

The plan involves engaging the services of VIP Valet Parking. VIP will provide all necessary equipment and expertise. VIP will create several valet zones, strategically located along Lee Road between Silsby and Cedar roads. We would impose a small flat fee per car that would enable any car to be picked up and dropped off in any location within the zones.

It is urgent that we implement this plan before the holidays, and we need the support of our city government. We request the ability to use the city-owned parking garage, located behind Bank of America on Lee Road. We also seek help in providing a safe space to keep the cones and podiums, as well as assistance in securing valet zone permits and low garage rates.

VIP will utilize valet zones in front of the restaurants and parking areas behind the restaurants (if available) before taking them to the garage. Keeping cars close will allow us to provide safer and faster service to our guests and to minimize parking and labor expense. Remaining cars will be taken to the garage.

We understand that this new approach to parking may pose some initial challenges; however, we are confident the end result will be positive and spur greater activity on Lee Road.

Please join us in urging our city to help us fast-track this proposal. Thanks for your support.

Chris Armington

Chris Armington
Owner, Tavern Company



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Volume 8, Issue 12, Posted 1:39 PM, 11.17.2015