CH-UH Board of Education candidate: Beverly Wright

Beverly Wright

3150 Blackthorn Road    44118   Age:  56
Facebook:  Beverly Wright for Cleveland Heights-University Heights School Board
Education: Cleveland State University B.A. in History and Masters in Education

Occupation: Cleveland State University B.A. in History and Masters in Education

Qualifications: Urban League of Greater Cleveland Education Administrator, Head Start Family and Community Partnership Manager.  Managed the Literacy Enrichment and Achievement for Preshool Success Program (L.E.A.P.S), Cleveland State University.  Cleveland State University Upward Bound Program and The Women's Comprehensive Program/Women Studies Instructor.
1. Most Important things: By increasing communication with parents/teachers/students and community, I see involving the community in school, family, and community partnerships; organize more effective Action Teams for Partnerships; strengthen partnership programs in middle and high schools, implement interactive homework for students to show and share with their families; organize successful volunteers in the middle school grades; and conduct state and district leadership activities to help school develop partnership programs.
2. State report card:  I think the Ed Choice decision has hurt our school by using school test scores in determining or rating a building, staff or administrators.
3. School funding:  I'm in oposition of the Ed. Choice program that's currently affecting our district.  Ohio has required that local school district to use state funding to subsidize private education.  Not only is the state supporting the voucher system, but the program guarantee students will receive $4,650.00, and increase of over $2,000.00  It is unfortunate that we are losing student and dollars in our district.
4. Heights High improvement : I think that the renovation was a smart decision for the district, it has all energy efficiencies standard that will encourage learning.

League of Women Voters

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 2:46 PM, 09.30.2015