Seren's comment on taxpayers offends

To the Editor:

I am concerned about comments made by a candidate for Cleveland Heights City Council. At at a recent candidates night presentation known as the Whistlestop, Kahlil Seren stated that he is not entirely sure that he wants people opposed to high taxes to move into this community and that "we don't need them." I find Mr. Seren's comments shocking and inflammatory! As a 41-year taxpaying homeowner in Cleveland Heights, I feel that I have paid more than my fair share of taxes and greatly resent Mr. Seren's statement!

Kahlil Seren was appointed to his current position on city council by our council members and now is seeking an elected full term, making important decisions about our city. We must ask ourselves do we as a community want to elect someone with such obvious disregard and dislike for the taxpayers to an additional term? I do not. One may disagree about the need for additional taxes in one of the already highest taxed cities in Ohio, but for Mr. Seren to state that he doesn't want or need anyone disagreeing with him to live here is offensive and contemptable.

Cleveland Heights prides itself on "diversity" yet a person hoping to become an elected official here would deny and insult diversity of opinion?

The video of this event and these comments is available online and can be easily accessed.

Bonnie Dolezal

Bonnie Dolezal
Cleveland Heights

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Volume 8, Issue 10, Posted 6:42 PM, 09.14.2015